Virtual Neighbourhoods, Virtual Nations
Local Councils Making Communities

NET 24 - Case Study - Jo Byron
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Michigan's (USA) Information Technology Commission report which includes a very informative webpage on building/implmenting online communities.
A document from Scandinavia which looks at local-government initiatives to create virtual public spheres. It is
a rather 'dry' paper with a heavy political slant, but nevertheless makes interesting reading.
This is a list of local government sites in the USA, worthwhile browsing through some of the sites to see the similarities in approach.'eDemocracy'
Comprehensive site which looks into South Africa's e-government policy.
...And there is even special software targetted at local governments online in order to best
facilitate their online community, aptly named "Socialchange".

The following websites look at the the issues of online local councils and communities
from a variety of angles, giving a wider view of the international approach to online,
e-government communities.