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NET 24 - Case Study - Jo Byron
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Below are the main websites used as research for this case-study. Whilst I reviewed many others, to list them all with annotations would create a rather lengthy page to publish and probably be off-putting for the audience. Consequently I have randomly narrowed the selection down from a short-list of the most popularly referenced examples.
Manningham City council encompasses the towns of Doncaster, Templestowe, Wonga Park and North Ringwood
in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A well designed, functional site.
The site of the City of Johannesburg in South Africa. The city has been divided into 11 regions, all of which are serviced by the one council.
In South Africa, in the year 2000, six councils amalgamated to become the City of Capetown Council. This website has a very "with-it", almost glamourous feel about it. usa
The website of the City of Boise in Idaho, USA. Another nicely presented, informative site. usa
This website has an interesting structure, as it is the website of the City of Aspen and the County of Pitkin, both in Colarado, USA. Combined pages reflect articles of interest to both, however there are links to both their separate websites.
The local council website of the beautiful and historic town of Alnwick (pronounced "Annick"), in the north of England.
This is the website of Lewisham, a London suburb. This site bounces off the page, it is well designed and well written, with a real "buzz" about it.

My favourite - how many local councils have a page where you can download music? This is the site
of the City of Kuching, in Malaysia - it's colourful, easy to scan and informative - well done Kuching!