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Articles and book information on Assyrian issues including contemporary history, experiences under Islamic rule, leadership and Assyrian aspirations to nationhood.

Indigenous Peoples Under the Rule of Islam



Frederick P. ISAAC


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The Assyrian Stump

In the Interest of the Assyrian Cause

Rundles of the Middle East

Kurdish President's Offer Not An Enduring Solution

Assyria at the Crossroads

Assyria's Unrest

The Political Status of the Assyrians in the Iraqi Equation

"Kurdistan" Embraced by Islam

The Name "Assyria" is Primal, Not an Epithet

"Chaldeans" Living in Semblance of their True Identity

Assyrians - The Forgotten People: Part I, Part II, PartIII, Part IV and Part V

Unity of Action

Assyrian Leadership

Pleas of a Suffering Nation



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