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Copyright (c) Frederick P. Isaac, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

(Posted 25 November 2005)



The dire situation of Assyria, bottlenecked by the zealot political elites, absent of Assyrian direct involvement in their affairs to regulate their life.


Mankind, being mortal is imperfect and liable to err. Those who claim not being at fault are committing themselves by just saying so. Perfection is immortality.  We must be responsible for our actions, especially if we did not redress the errors of our predecessors, when we knowingly could and should have done so, but did not.
Rumour has it that the West has assured our Assyrian appointed leader on the ground, in the north, in Iraq, and certain elders in diaspora that in the end all would be well and good.

Keep in mind; currently the Kurdish leadership is acting as the surrogate of the Assyrians. Such rumours that are spread around lack credibility unless confirmed of their accuracy. The Assyrians lack a political column. They lack an official (news) medium column to confirm or deny the news item. This is one of the main reasons why the Assyrian public, at large, relies on rumours rather than a credible formal source.

Assyrians do not know what the official line is on the Assyrian state of affairs. For this, they are unable to keep abreast of the developing events to accurately assess the Assyrian situation on the ground. They are at the mercy of others. They live in bewilderment, unable to find the truth to make a reasonable assessment of their political situation.

Prediction of the West, about a favourable outcome for the Assyrians, depends mostly on their resilience and on their will and on how much of their agenda they can honestly meet. The West needs to rectify the past errors committed by them against the native inhabitants of the Middle East. They need to recognize the Assyrians as the native and original dwellers of Northern Iraq, and restore to them their usurped land.


The non-Moslem states of Lebanon, Israel and Assyria need to have a recognized and respectable place in existing world societies. They need to be totally freed from foreign Oriental rule, in order that they may be able to run their own affairs, as any other free state. Thus, contribute to the world society of nations for the betterment and advancement of humanity towards par excellence.

Long experience has shown that band-aid and "quick fix" solutions do not heal deep wounds. Old scars are unpleasant reminders of the painful conditions under which the above peoples have been living, for hundreds of years, under Oriental Colonialism, and the brutish Shari'ah Rule. Long lasting solutions is the way to go. The West has, rightly or wrongly, committed itself to democratise the region. It is time for the world body of nations to join in, and lend their support to bringing the task to a successful end.

To act judiciously, the West needs to embark on the following two main tasks:

1. (A). Decolonisation. Free Lebanon, Israel and Assyria from Oriental colonial rule. Help the three decolonised states to re-emerge as independent, with most of their traditional land brought within and under their own sovereign rule. It is their legitimate right.

2. (B). Democratisation. Help Islamic countries of the Middle East to reform their governance system to constitutional democracy. Allowance may be made to help them shape their system in confluence with their dual Shari'ah and pluralistic laws. They are free to choose the way of life they like to lead. It is their life.

Anything short of that will turn the whole of the Middle East into a long and arduous struggle. The whole of the Middle East will turn into a battlefield, until one side falls on its sword.

It sounds fanciful, a figment of the imagination. You may call it that, but that is how I envisage development of the situation. In my book, freedom is invaluable. People who lose their freedom stain their hands with blood to regain it. Although at a very high price, only by spilling blood and self-sacrifice one may regain freedom. The Middle East colonialists have a lot to answer for the horrific crimes they have been committing against the non-Moslem natives, over the past centuries. They have been shedding innocent blood for centuries, living on pillage. Now they have found their match: the Kurds.

Pray that the Almighty will enlighten the mind and soften the heart that mankind may mellow out to reconcile and live in neighbourly peace, yet each state within its delineated space! Mankind has yet to learn how to share willingly and equitably.






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