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Copyright (c)  Frederick P. Isaac, 1995. All Rights Reserved.

Title of article updated 2012 to better reflect subject matter.


Pick up and read any Assyrian publication today whether it be a bulletin, magazine or newspaper in any part of the world, and you will quickly notice one thing in common throughout its pages - the call for unity; unity not of the Assyrian people but of its leadership.


The Assyrian people are strongly united and have been so for ages. It is the total lack of unity on the leadership level, within certain organizations, that is hindering the progress of the Assyrian movement. 


It is the uncompromising attitude and total absence of desire of the leaders to work in earnest under one unified leadership that is obstructing the Assyrian  movement and causing its setbacks.


It is the total disrespect of such leaders to the tragedy of the Assyrian people and total disregard to the plight of thousands of displaced Assyrians that has led the people to hold back extension of their full recognition toward such leaders.  The Assyrian people have even begun to doubt in their ability to lead.  


They are bewildered, and at a loss, as to which of the leaders to follow.  For every few years a new name comes up in the world of politics embracing the Assyrian issue, declaring itself the sole deliverer of the people.


The Assyrian leaders of today have left the Assyrian people like passengers on board of a hampered ship, with its main mast broken after a tempest, with most of its crew lost at sea, in bleakness, in the middle of nowhere.


We appeal to you Assyrian leaders to come to your senses, forgive and forget, and re-establish yourselves under one unified leadership.  Your unity of action will cleanse the ranks of pretenders and close the door in the face of the intruders.


Such unified leadership will cover the overwhelming majority, if not the entire Assyrian nation throughout the world.  Unity of leadership is what is needed most and foremost if you are to find that lost ship and steer it towards the harbor of safety. 


Unity of leadership is what we want, confident in its people's backing and support; a leadership that can regroup the Assyrian people into united fronts, well organised and disciplined in their endeavor towards achievement of their common goal.


Let individuality, therefore, merge into the unity of good for the benefit and welfare of the Assyrian Nation.  Let your contribution, large or small, be made in the interest of the people and true spirit of cooperation and with dedication for the realization of unity of leadership.


As a dispersed people, we Assyrians have survived for centuries.  But our grip is getting weaker by the day and may soon give way, crushing all our hopes for ever under the heavy weight of helplessness.  I wonder how much longer we can hold on!





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