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Articles and book information on Assyrian issues including contemporary history, experiences under Islamic rule, leadership and Assyrian aspirations to nationhood.

Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam


by Frederick P. Isaac



Table of Contents


PART I - The Unsheathed Sword





This publication is not directed against any religion. It is not designed to impose any religious views or beliefs on others. Nor is it directed at any person or government but rather against undemocratic and corrupt systems of government. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the futility of maintaining justice under an authoritarian rule. The call for Puritanism is as dangerous as totalitarianism. There is no such thing as a perfect system on earth; yet a government based on sound democratic principles is the nearest to such a system. Individual freedom of expression, worship, association and assembly, constituted within the framework of a secular civil code, guarantees the individual the sacred freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is the most sacred right of a citizen. Without infringement on the democratic rights of others, a citizen, in a democracy, may pursue what he or she may find most appropriately accommodating, without fear of backlash. Authoritarianism impedes progress and stifles life.
Governing laws should be secular, not sectarian. They should serve and protect the individual and the weak against the strong rather than subject him to racial and sectarian laws of a biased creed. What a person believes in and how he serves his Creator is his business so long as his practice is not disrespectful, dangerous or injurious to himself or others. Imposition of one’s will, by coercion of others, is repression. It is another form of persecution; it is unacceptable.

It is necessary to write and depict the stark reality of the appalling conditions under which these indigenous peoples the world over, are living. It would arouse the interest of certain readers to contribute towards remedying the situation. The media is one of the most effective methods of drawing world attention to their plight. Yet, oftentimes, the media confines its column to praising achievements of the indigenous within the scope of the government policy.

The media need to focus on the core of the issue, namely, the basic rights of the indigenous peoples. These rights are mainly reconciliation in the spirit of true justice, restoration of certain parts of their native land and official apology by the government of the day for its past and present mistreatment of the aborigines. Also, positive change in the indifference and feet-dragging attitude of current governments, as well as, monetary compensation and other forms of grants in kind and services, to help utilize their potential. This will help transform the natives into a successful community, with their own recognised indigenous culture - at their own growing pace to complete the link with the overall modern society of the multi-ethnic mix of the country concerned.

Thousands of indigenous people and immigrant children, who were born in their country of origin, have systematically been separated from their families and alienated from their environment or dispersed and live away from home. They miss the opportunity to experience the cultural climate, lifestyle and environment of their homeland. They have been robbed of their heritage and their culture is deliberately being destroyed.


* * *

To the European who has not been in regular contact and association with Muslim societies, these comments might sound contentious. To the European on a working permit who has invested time and expertise in Islamic countries or studied their culture in depth and with caution will, for a moment, ponder and then agree with certainty to some aspects of inequity present in the society. As a foreigner conscious of his position, he is very careful not to be controversial. Islamic governments and private agencies appreciate his efforts. They treat him with respect and afford him with the necessary means of comfort and security. They make him feel important and of high status. This is to gag him from criticizing his surroundings. He turns a blind eye to the inequities done against the indigenous Assyrians, Jews, Berber and Egyptian Copts, across the whole spectrum of the Islamic society.

The European on a working permit in the host Islamic country, limits his social life to his social class, advisedly, and his movement is monitored. His contract over, he returns to his country of origin leaving the past behind. He is unconcerned and seldom mentions the racial and religious hatred and social gap separating the three different religious groups, Jewish, Christian and Muslim from one another. His success is measured by his safe return home and gainfully completing his contract. In these circumstances, social injustice is not of his concern.

The Western world should know that Christianity in Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East, is being systematically reduced and continues to diminish towards extinction. Should this hostile trend continue, in another 20 to 30 years, Christianity in those countries would be reduced close to naught. The prospect of the European, who has taken the Middle East for granted, as a never-ending source of enriching himself by selling out the indigenous nationals for his greed, will also end.

Justly or unjustly, the European has amassed so much fortune in the form of land and riches that the wealth he has accumulated will last him to eternity. He has accumulated wealth at the expense of weaker nations of the world and the dispossessed and aggrieved Assyrian, Jewish and Christian natives of the Middle East. The European is as guilty as his counterpart Muslim land grabber and oppressor. The European finds it awkward and hypocritical to denounce undemocratic Islamic government systems because of the similarity of his infamous past, which he describes as glorious. To the European it was an era of adventure, not exploitation and pillage. It was the golden age of discovery of new trade routes and land for the crown, and enrichment of both the government and private sectors, all in the interest of his country and himself. The East and the West seem to have a distinct role to play, each exclusive to it. The world, henceforth, relies on the European for leadership in economic management and technological advancement. While in the Middle East, the Muslims' ultimate goal is to bring the world under one global religion and by doing so, Islam approaches the phase of open confrontation with the West.

Islam does not confine its role of representing God on earth merely to its believers. Carrying the sword, it extends its religious arm far and wide beyond its realm. Claiming God's Vicegerency, Islam stretches its arm to reach and punish people of different religions anywhere in the world by using its Fatwa religious Edict as a lethal weapon, in executing its pronounced sentence. It considers its religion the all-supreme. It acts in opposition to all other world religions and in defiance of all of them, including Judaism and Christianity, until Islam gains primacy over all.

By protecting the Islamic faith and keeping it in the vanguard under its theocratic and semi-secular government system, violence is not ruled out. The three Islamic armed bodies, the Muta-we-ah, Militias and Mujahideen are all known in the Islamic world as staunch supporters of the Islamic edict (fatwa) and enforcers of the religious laws. The Muta-we-ah, are the religious police, sworn enemies of Islamic lawbreakers. They seek out, arrest and punish any person who breaks the Islamic Law, regardless of his/her religion and nationality. They maintain discipline and silence dangerous revisionists, exacting compliance with the Islamic Shari’ah law. Militia troops keep the disenchanted non-Muslim natives at bay. The Mujahideen (religious warriors for the sake of Allah) act as public enforcers of the religious laws for such Islamic governments. They are known in the Islamic world as the government's religious subjugators. They are enforcers and executioners of the Islamic (Shari’ah) Law.

The mujahideen being subjugators of the Islamic Shari’ah Law, Islamic governments lack the resolving power to dissolve them. Jihad, being an inseparable part of the Islamic code of practice for protecting and maintaining Islam means dissolving them is against the Islamic doctrine. In any Islamic country, one of the three religious armed bodies exists openly as an auxiliary force to implement local religious laws outside the government's secular laws. When government interests are threatened, such armed groups crop up and launch campaigns of terror. They specifically target local indigenous nationals, non-Muslim multi-ethnic groups and foreigners. Such forces have existed since the advent of Islam in the form of tribal recruits of militias and mujahideen as a striking force under the leadership of their overlords, the tribal chiefs and religious leaders. Later, these forces fell separate under the authority of the Khalipha, and in modern times have become separate segments of the Islamic government system. They crop up as the need arises. They disappear and melt away only after they have executed the (fatwa) religious edict and communicated to them clandestinely or publicly depending on the strategy of the day.

Western democratic countries need to re-evaluate the precept of Islam about other religions, and protection of the native inhabitants and their culture from constant abuse. Islamic regimes maintaining Muta-we-ah, Militias and Mujahideen, in a so-called secular constitutional government system are culturally traditional and acceptable. While in non-Islamic countries, it is out of character. In South America of the Western Hemisphere, for example, militia groups are formed either in support of the government of the day, or as guerrillas in demand of democratic reforms. In the Abode of Peace of the Islamic states, these three internationally unrecognised forces continue to disturb the peace in the world among the ethnic groups and indigenous nationals. Their ultimate is to force them accept the Islamic Shari’ah and abode by its laws.

Islamic security and armed forces remain passive and mute, while their militias intimidate non-Muslim groups and communities acting as bullies. They do the dirty bidding of their government in compliance with their hidden agenda of controlling and subduing the non-Muslim communities and indigenous nationals, without the direct involvement of their government. The Islamic government, in question, absolves itself from any wrongdoing whether direct or indirect. It describes savagery of the culprits as unfortunate, expressing lukewarm regret for their unseemly actions. It is high time for the international community to reassess its relationship with such hostile Islamic governments. Assyrians and several other non-Muslim natives in the Middle East are suffering terribly under Islam’s oppressive Shari’ah rule.

The world body of the United Nations should act responsibly, conduct itself as the true representative of world society and administer true justice to the aggrieved Assyrian disinherited nation. Applying the Shari’ah Law in Saudi Arabia is traditionally acceptable. They are Muslims. The Islamic religious law applies to their country. In fact, Islamic religious law applies to all of the States of the Arab Peninsula – and they go for it. By including the non-Muslim indigenous in their system of the Islamic Shari’ah Law, it is a daring attempt of defiance in preparation for future challenges to non-Muslim countries.


* * *

Assyrians are ancient people of the Middle East. They are indigenous to Assyria (Mesopotamia) of present-day northern Iraq. They have been living in their homeland, with its capital city, Ninweh, for over six millennia since the dawn of history. Iraq is the creation of Western imperialism. To consolidate their hold on the Middle East, Western countries, primarily those loyal to the Vatican, in their forefront France and England, created dozens of Arab/Islamic self-proclaimed ‘government’ states. The Mandated powers, Britain and France, gave away the legacy of the four (4) non-Muslim Provinces of the demised Ottoman Empire, namely, Lebanon, Israel, Assyria and Egypt to Islamic nomadic tent dweller Bedouins of the Arab Peninsula and the Oghus Turkish nomads known as Seljuk.

To consolidate their long-term hold on the Middle East and Africa, the West handed over the whole of the Middle East and North Africa to peoples of only one-type religion ? to Islam. The four colonised countries, then Provinces of the demised Ottoman Empire, namely, Egypt, Israel, Assyria and Lebanon were historically non-Muslim. In essence, they were Christians and Jews. They were known to Islam as AHL AL-THIMMA. Non-Muslim adults were obliged to pay Jizya - the annual tax. In reality, this payment was no more than an arbitrary fine, defamatory to the Judeo-Christian faith. It was an on-going punishment for not recanting their faith, and refusing to submit to Islam. There was no excuse for default. The defaulter was systematically punished, in accordance with the Islamic Shariah Law. Jews and Christians were muted. Instead of helping them regain their freedom, the Western Allies divided the four provinces among the Muslims. The West, in collaboration with Islam, had already decided on their fate: Jews and Christians of the Middle East were sentenced to a dismal fate. They were destined to a slow process of being phased out to total extinction. Their national identity and name of their countries: Israel, Israelite and Assyria, Assyrian, both nation and people, were annulled. Both became property and under the direct and total control and rule of Islam. Allah is for the Muslim; so should the Temple on Mount Zion and Jerusalem be. In addition, Jonah’s Cathedral, in Ninweh - Mosul (since long converted to a Mosque called Nabi Younis - in Arabic; Omra D’ Mar Yonan - in Assyrian) obligingly remains Muslim.

Other than the indigenous Assyrians and Christian inhabitants, of the Middle East, with the exception of the Mandaeans and Yezidis, the rest are mainly occupiers. They are invaders that have forced themselves onto other people’s countries of the Middle East. Like spongers and parasites, they live on the blood and sweat of others. Peace to Islam (in their Abode of Peace States) means that their next-door neighbour eventually has to abide by the Islamic law, or be reverted to pay the Jizya, or some other sort of payment, for remaining in his non-Muslim faith. They begin by extorting Jizya and end up stripping the non-Muslim of his property and all his assets, warning the Jizya payer to convert to Islam. Otherwise, leave or be killed.

In the immediate aftermath of WWI, the West created Islamic states against the will of the native inhabitants of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. The newly created Islamic States were determined to adopt the aggressive iron fist policy. They applied the Islamic Shari’ah Law to expand their Al-Da’awa (Propagation of Islam) Mission through violence amongst the native inhabitants of the region. Western colonialists acted largely as they pleased. Before their withdrawal, the Western powers helped replace their colonial rule by the new system of neo-Islamic colonialism. Rulers of the newly established Islamic states became ultra-nationalists to the point that ultimately, Wahhabism, a fanatical creed, surfaced through Al-Qaeda, advocating the (Al-Da’awa) Mission, the call to Islam, with open threats and acts of terrorism.

To ensure success of the plot, partners in crime did what Imperial Rome did to Carthage, in 211 BC. Similarly, in WWI, the warring nations literally burned Anatolia and razed it to the ground, applying the scorched earth policy. This ended the physical existence of the Seven Churches in Anatolia by cutting Christian Orthodoxy off its roots and shrinking it to near disappearance in Asia Minor. Now, as it seems, the world being in a restive mood, is nearing the last remaining Chapters of the Book of Revelations, from the New Testament. Has religion been wrested, all this time and run by a “Foolish Shepherd”, and now nearing its end (Zechariah 11: 15-17). And what next, (Revelations 16:16 and 17: 5-10), - an attempt on Jerusalem - God’s Footstool, - for its destruction? They surely will reap what they sowed. (Zechariah 14: 3).

The United Nations Organization needs to exert more effort and take the indigenous issue more seriously. It should extend its representation over the rapid deterioration of this particular problem. In Islamic countries, basic human rights are completely ignored with little concern of the world’s body of nations. This tragic situation seems to have been in existence for decades, if not centuries. In addition to Israel, it is spreading fast, reaching crisis point in such as Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia and The Philippines. U.N.’s attention and deterrent course of action would at least bring the unjust practices into focus and expose the coercive measures used by terrorist groups in co-opt states, in forcing the native inhabitants to succumb to the rigid Islamic Shari’ah Law.






Table of Contents


PART I - The Unsheathed Sword