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Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam


by Frederick P. Isaac


Land Grabbers  

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The Physical Israel



The Physical Palestine



The confusion and arguments arising from the area referred to as ‘Palestine’ seems to have fallen into three historical periods. (1), Ancient Palestine known as Gaza. (2), Islamic conquests of the Middle East in the 7th century AD, calling the whole of The Holy Land: “Palestine”, and/or “Arab Palestine”, and (3), The Palestine under the rule of the British Mandate until May 1948. During those three periods, the borders of the so-called Palestine fluctuated, while the name Israel remained suppressed.

The approximate size of ancient Palestine was a narrow patch of coastal land. It stretched along the southern seaboard of the Mediterranean Sea, between Gaza and their northernmost city Ekron, known today as the Gaza Strip. During the Islamic conquest of the Middle East, in mid-7th century AD, the territory of the Holy Land of Israel (the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah) was immensely larger than ‘Gaza’. Gaza took the name ‘Palestine’ in reference to the Aegean invaders of Gaza. Palestinians ultimately denied their original root and identity by converting to Islam, just to survive. They abandoned their language and culture, calling themselves Palestinian Arab, considering Israel as part of Palestine and not the other way around.

The name ‘Palestine’ was deliberately more than mistakenly given by the Greeks, to the whole territory, extending from the seashores of Gaza, all throughout the biblical land of Israel, to the riverbanks of Jordan and beyond.

The long period of conquests of Asia, by the European invaders, began by the Palestinian-Aegean argonauts. They landed on the Egyptian shores in the 12th century BC, and ravaged its seashores. The Egyptians chased them away and expelled them from their seashores. The Palestinians fled northward, and landed along the seashore of Gaza (now known as the Gaza Strip) and stayed put. Centuries later, (335-333 BC) they were followed by the Greeks under the command of King Alexander the Great of Macedonia (356-323 BC). The Greeks invaded Anatolia and defeated the Achaemenid Empire in 330 BC. The Greeks conquered the whole of Asia Minor and beyond. Syria and Israel being part of the then destroyed Achaemenid Empire; the Greeks spread the Hellenic culture.

The Israelites being monotheists, they overwhelmingly rejected Hellenisation. Its success was negligible with the monotheistic Jews - believers in only one God. Following the demise of Greece, Rome appeared on the world centre stage ready to take up the role of conquests. Rome inherited the name “Palestine” for the land of Israel from her predecessors, and continued its use, and so did subsequent conquerors, and the name stuck.

Whether for egoistic, political reasons, or sheer ignorance, the Great Macedonian King compulsively called the whole land of Israel Proper with the misnomer “Palestine”. The name “Palestine” has since stuck to the Biblical Land of Israel. Islam considers Israel Proper an integral part of the Abode of Peace of the Umma Nation. Islam calls the whole Biblical Land of Israel Arab Palestine.

During the reign of the Khilapha (succession) period and until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century, the name of the Biblical Land of ‘Israel’ was dropped. Its name was, politically, documented by Islam as “Palestine”. The name of the religious centre, ‘Urushalim’ Jerusalem became known as ‘Bait Al-Maqdis’ or ‘Al-Quds’ and its surroundings as the Holy lands. Palestine was given to mean extension of its geographic landmass to include the whole of the Israeli territory. It has since been considered an Islamic state, absorbed by (Dar Al-Silm) the Abode of Peace under the umbrella of the Islamic (Umma) nation. Islam calls it Palestine.

After the demise and dismemberment of the Greek Empire, the name ‘Palestine’ remained in use. Since the retreat of the Roman Empire from the Middle East, the term ‘Palestine’ has continued to be used by Islamic conquerors and Asian invaders. Yet, defiantly, the historical names of certain ancient kingdoms like Israel, Assyria and Egypt, though remaining under Islamic occupation since mid-7th Century AD, still resonate as being, by far more civilized than their Arab occupiers are. Islam, after destroying and disfiguring most of the artefacts of the occupied nations of the Middle East and North Africa, has suddenly declared itself as being the custodian of their ancient history. Iraq, has already related its history to Mesopotamia (Assyria). The Arabs, in general, consider Israel as Arab land and her Jewish natives as Arab residents. Equally so, Egypt considers the Copts, Arab. In spite all of this and however the occupiers relate such claims to their history, they are deceptive, parasitic and beyond their time. Their connection will not hold.

The question, here, arises as to whether Turkey, after it joins the (EU) European Union, would side with Islam, as did their predecessors during the Medieval Ages? In the middle Ages, Turkey became a bridgehead to Europe. Turkey is in persistent denial of ever committing genocides against the Anatolians, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Egyptian and Lebanese Christians. It is frightening to imagine that Islam might want to challenge the West for the control of the waves of the seven high seas, its sea-lanes and water gates. The Bosporus and Dardanelles are both under the control of Turkey. Strait of Hormuz is under threat of closure by Iran; Strait of Malacca has become a safe haven for Pirates. It falls between two Islamic states: Malaysia and Indonesia. As for the Strait of Gibraltar, under British control, its retention depends on the survival of the monkeys that have taken the Rock of Gibraltar as their habitat. Panama Canal is contracted and is under non-American control. In addition, along the coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden, piracy is thriving. Over twenty vessels have been pirated, in recent years, demanding millions of dollars for their release. The high seas have become lawless – run by Islamic terrorists.

The West had been had. Islam has since become insatiable – It is determined to control the whole planet earth – through its systematic grinding process of its exemplary implementation of Jihad. One of its main objectives is to control the world’s main watergates, straits and waterways, in order to assert its will and say over maritime routes and trade.

Christians, as they are supposed to do, ‘give to Caesar what is to Caesar.’ Now it seems they should also give to the culprits what they actually deserve. Yet, sometimes they should give twice as much. It is the only way to make the terrorists understand that unless they fall into line and abandon their criminal lawlessness, they will have to pay the price for their impudence and indolence. As nature hates vacuum, so does humanity hate parasitic behaviour – no more extortion, Jizya (capitation), fraud and sluggishness.
Islam has been lax, sloppy and indolent for centuries, living at the expense of several conquered nations – Jews, Assyrians, and Christians of other nationalities. Islam needs to cast away its old tribal mentality and come out clean – share and share alike. Or else, they should retreat to their desert-tent and camel-way life, drinking camel milk, smoking Qat and sipping imported coffee and tea. Let people live their lives as they please, and they live theirs. By what right Islam dictates its spiritual authority on non-Muslims and on Muslims living outside its rule.

Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Assyria of the Middle East region, including Coptic Egypt of North Africa, had been systematically invaded and colonised for centuries. They were conquered and occupied by Eastern and Western powers and treating them as satrapies and provinces. They were ruled by Persian, Greek, Roman, and Arab, Mongolian, British and French belligerents. Native inhabitants of the said conquered states were heavily tolled, robbed of their wealth and dispossessed of their land. They were stripped of all their rights and lived the life of impoverishment and in abject poverty, on a bare minimum. Yet, despite their ordeal, dire need and loss of life, they have survived. Though diminished in number, they still exist. Despite all the suffering and cry for help, they are still under foreign Islamic occupation, shackled by the Islamic Shari’ah Rule of Law.

The Allies failed to free the native inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Egypt from the heavy yoke of the brutal Islamic Shari’ah Rule. The warring nations of WWI, through the Armistice Treaty of 11 November 1918, decided on deracinating the Assyrians and Jews, phasing them out to total extinction. Instead of freeing the Israelite and the Assyrian nations from bondage and restoring to them their usurped land, the Oriental and Western belligerents, used them as bargaining chips. The Western Allies, then being in a predicament, connived with Islam. They decided on an easier way out of their dilemma.

To recoup their losses and replenish their empty coffers, both sides of the warring nations decided on a quick kill by balkanising the whole of the Middle East. They decided to do away with Assyria all together, dismember Israel, keep the Christian natives of Lebanon, Syria and Christian Copt of Egypt shackled under the rule of the Islamic Shari’ah Rule of Law. Worse still, the Vatican in collaboration with the Western Quartet, applied the scorched-earth policy to Christian Anatolia, both people and state, and razed it to the ground. By doing so, both warring parties helped the nomad Mongol Turks to settle down and urbanise at the expense of the Christians of the whole of Anatolia’s Near East. The Anatolians being of the Orthodox faith, the Vatican abandoned them and offered them as a prey to their enemy for refusing to convert to Catholicism.

Signatories of the Armistice Treaty of WWI, exhausted and on the brink of total bankruptcy, balkanised Mesopotamia. They annulled the identity of the Jews and the Assyrians and left them to fend for themselves. By doing so, Islam appropriated the whole of the Middle East and Egypt. The Non-Muslim natives of those regions were dispersed among the Muslim majority and left them in a miserable state. The nationality of the dispersed Jews and Assyrians was hence identified by the name of the then existing countries and or by the names of newly created Arab/Islamic countries. The Assyrians were hence called Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Turkish or Lebanese. To this day, they remain so, under Islamic foreign rule.

Subsequently, The Mandates, through the defunct League of Nations, balkanised the whole of the Middle East, and passed it on to peoples of only one and the same religion: to Islam. The situation of the Jews and mostly of the Assyrians worsened. Their national identity was annulled, and their nations absorbed by the Islamic States of the Abode of Peace.

Since appropriation of their lands, Islam considers the Jews and Assyrians as extinct or Arab, Iranian, Turk or Kurd. The indigenous people of Lebanon, historically known as of Phoenician origin, became known as Lebanese Arab. Peoples of the dispossessed nations: Phoenicians of Lebanon, Jews of Israel and Assyrians (currently spread all along Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran) of Mesopotamia and Copts of Egypt still exist; and so do their language, culture, and Jewish and Christian religion. Though diminishing, due to constant abuse, they are native inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa - not so the Palestinians. Palestinians are of Aegean origin. They have been fused with the Arabs. They abandoned their language and culture, embraced Islam, and melted in the Islamic crucible pot. They have since assimilated with the Muslim occupiers and been Arabised. Other than the native Jews, the rest of the residents of Israel are a mixture of Arab Bedouin, Arabised Africans of foreign backgrounds, calling themselves Arab. In the eyes of Islam, they are no more than insignificant Ra’aya groups, such as the Aegean Palestinians, Druse and tent-dweller Arab Bedouins.

Haitians, for example, just because they speak French, or Indian and Pakistani subjects of Great Britain speak English, does not make them Brits of British ancestry. Being accepted as equal, by the host country, does not give them the right to impose their will on the historically and well-established native inhabitants of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In this case, it is against human decency and against the international law for invaders and foreign occupiers to overmaster the native Israelis and Assyrians - and by force? The world seems to be facing a new era of Islamic neo-colonialism.

‘Palestine’ is a Greek misnomer for (AR-A D’PLISHTAYI) Land of the Philistines, which originally was no more than the Gaza Strip of today. Islam seems determined to keep the delusive name ‘Arab Palestine’ afloat, in a desperate attempt to retain the historical Holy Land of Israel, as part of the Islamic Abode of Peace. Residents of Gaza are no more than a fused segment with the inhabitants of the Land of Israel.

Assyria, Lebanon and even Syria and Coptic Egypt, are feeling the shock of a strong tremor, predicting a devastating eruption. Their naves are put under constant pressure to succumb to the Islamic Shari’ah rule of Law. They are coerced to become part of an ever-expanding domain of the (Umma) Nation of Islam, or face the end to their existence. The native population of these states is in constant decline due to the abusive Islamic Shari’ah Rule.

Gaza Strip, compared to Biblical Israel, is no more than a matchstick to an average box of a 50-stick matchbox. The name ‘Palestine’ is a political term, more than a physical reality; it is a stunt. How long will this world continue to elude itself and live on deception? The Kords, with the support of Islam, is playing the same game as the Palestinians, in a desperate attempt to arrogate Assyria, namely, Vilayet Mosul (the three Provinces of Kirkuk, Arbil and Ninweh) up to and including Nuhadra (Duhok), alleging that the territory is part of so-called Kordestan? now that is another stunt.

The so-called Kords are no more than nomadic drifters from the Zagros Mountains of Western Iran, all the way up north to Azarbayjan. Their tracks continue northward, spreading further NE bordering Armenia and Turkey SW. Historically, Kords are not connected to Mesopotamia. Their historical roots are beyond the outpost borders of Assyria and ancient Anatolia. Kords were (and many tribes still are) nomadic herders of sheep and goats. They moved according to pasturing seasons, beyond the borders of Assyria Proper. Kords do not use the Mesopotamian script. They do not speak any Mesopotamian language. They do not carry Mesopotamian names. No Kordish artefacts of any sort exist in Mesopotamia to relate their history to Mesopotamia. They are not of the Semitic race. They are drifters from Iran and northwestern Stan countries, outside the traditional borders of Assyria. They are brigands, living on the sweat and blood of the Assyrians and other non-Muslim native inhabitants of the region they roam.

The traditional habitation of the Kords is in KORDESTAN. In addition, their capital city is MAHABAD. (Sanandaj was earlier known to be their first capital city, situated in the South). The presumably known region as Kordestan is a landlocked region, which falls within the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Just because of the rapid increase of their number, drifting from surrounding ‘…stan’ countries does not mean that they are all of Kordish origin. (Stan is a suffix, meaning Land, or Place of habitation). The term Stan is in common use in Central Asia. Squatting on other people’s land, in this instance, Assyria, and calling it “Kordstan” (Land of the Kords) besides being ridiculous, becomes a serious threat to expansionism, at the expense of others. Similarly, the Palestinians are behaving in the same manner as the Kords (George Philip Limited; pp 96-97; 100-101).

In the aftermath of Post World War II, Islamic States of the Abode of Peace initially accepted the British mandate of Palestine. While the Arab Islamic states rejected the international borderlines demarcated by the League of Nations, insisting that ‘Palestine’ is Arab territory. In their Covenant, the Arabs defined Palestine, at the time of its existence, under the British Mandate, as ‘an indivisible territorial unit.’ The Palestinians wanted all the mandated territory to be brought under the total dominance of the Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinians argued that what landscape was left of the Palestinian territory, outside the mandated borders, had already been brought under dominance of the Arab countries. They were swallowed up by several neighbouring and newly created Arab states. They were against any further dismemberment of the remaining “Palestinian” territory under the British Mandate. It has still not dawned on Islam that Palestine was no more than mere Gaza. The Arabs continue swaggering for a better deal, considering themselves as future masters of the world.

The Palestinians demanded that Palestine be established as a unitary state, under Arab Palestinian rule, similar to the rest of the Arab states in the region. The British Mandate rejected their demand. Great Britain pointed out that it had never made such pledge in the eight-letter McMahon-Hussein correspondence of 1915-16. Great Britain remarked that Arab nomadic auxiliary tribes and militias had not physically participated in the liberation of Palestine, to claim the whole of Palestine under their Arab rule.

Not all the territory is up for grabs by the Arabs. If the present Palestinians are truly indigenous to ancient Palestine, claiming the historical Palestine as their home then let them restrict their claim to within the borders of the Gaza Strip. If they, as they claim, are Arabs, then they are invaders and occupiers. Let them accept what the landowners, the Israelites, have apportioned to them. Israel is a geopolitical reality and different from Palestine, period.




Land Grabbers  

Table of Contents


The Physical Israel