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Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam


by Frederick P. Isaac


The Religious Edict (Fatwa)  

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Cruelty and Coercion



Turbulent Waters


The march of jihad for deliverance of the world from the evils of the West continues with all intensity. Islamic states of the Abode of Peace have nearly overrun the whole of the Middle East, the tip of North Africa and made a mess of the Indian Sub-Continent by clipping its wings. Starting with the first wing, they called Pakistan. Later, they clipped India’s second wing, the eastern side of India, and named it East Pakistan (now called Bangladesh, after claiming independence from West Pakistan in 1971). In collaboration with other independence seekers, like the Sikhs for “Khalistan”(Arabic word [khalas; originally derived from the Assyrian word Khoulsana] meaning deliverance), in Punjab, and the growing number of jihad separatists, they are now strangling Kashmir.

Currently, Dar Al-Silm states are concentrating their efforts on the Balkans. Their plan appears to be to control the scattered patches and buffer zones that fall within the borders of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo to consolidate their hold on them and create protective enclaves towards future secession. Once these border gaps and buffer zones are secured, they can be used as springboards to expand further outwards. Meanwhile, the Albanian insurgents maintain a low profile, awaiting strengthening support from the Abode of Peace States, in order to resume with their acts of terror and destabilization of the region to capture and bring under their control more territory.

Islam uses Greece and Italy as transit points into Albania, and as a backdoor to infiltrate into Europe. Its Muslim arrivals use Albania as a refuge island and Kosovo as the launching base for their expansion. Their aim is to counter balance the number of their population in their favour.

The ultimate aim of wave after wave of Muslim immigrants flooding the shores of Europe is political more than economic. They initially reject Western democracy and abhor Christian culture. They had not maintained a high standard of living in their own country of origin anyway, showing little appreciation of the Red Cross and efforts of other Christian aid organizations and symbols. Their exodus to Europe is not to embrace Christian values or blend in with the Western culture; their ultimate aim is to extend farther the borders of their Abode of Peace states, as planned.

Their aim is to meet their hidden agenda of reclaiming Greater Albania, with a view to expanding farther, reminiscent of the former glory of the Ottoman Empire, bringing the whole Balkan region under the rule of Islam as did the Arabs to the Middle East after World War I. Hit with a wave of nostalgia after the collapse of communism, memories of the old days of their past conquests have been reactivated. Their intent is to regain their former glory and hold firm to their gains.

Later, Islamic states of the Abode of Peace will turn their attention on the ten ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in the South Pacific like Brunei- Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and enhance Islam’s struggle against them. It is an on-going process. Though unnoticeable, the process grinds, and continues to grind with care and exceedingly slow pace, with spasmodic violent acts and killings of the non-Muslims to restrict their freedom and create fear. It is a way of life to them.

Still worse to come is the Caucasus, which has now become a hostile frontier. The forces of the militant mujahideen wait for the opportune moment in time, then like a tidal wave, they will engulf the whole region and declare a large chunk of it an independent Islamic state. The mujahideen backed by militant Islamic regimes come well prepared, with a deadly surprise of suicidal attacks. Their pattern of destruction seems to have taken a permanent shape that began with the first suicidal bomb blast against the American Marine in October 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon that killed over 240 Americans.

Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria have long swallowed up Assyria. Turkey has already swallowed up part of Armenia and over thirty percent (30%) of Northeastern Cyprus. Syria is in the process of swallowing up the whole of Lebanon.

Pakistan is determined to help the Kashmiri separatists to break away from India and declare Jammu-Kashmir an Islamic state, bringing it under the protection and rule of the Islamic Umma Nation.
Next in line could be Armenia to allow Turkey link with Azerbaijan, south, and with the Islamic states of the Middle East. Also with the Muslim dominated region of Chechnya in the Caucasus. Likewise, Ethiopia is another target, being historically a Christian country, is a potential target because of its importance as a source of water supply to the Nile.

Allah’s mujahideen armies stop at no frontier. In recent years, even Xinjiang (Zinjiang) Province of China’s region of far North West has experienced sporadic terrorist activities. China may soon brace itself for a show of force by the mujahideen in the region of Mazar (Arabic word meaning “shrine”, a visitation for adherents of the Islamic religion and Xaidulla (pronounced “Zaid-Allah”, meaning “Allah’s bounty”).

Indonesia, before withdrawing from East Timor, took over one hundred thousand Christian hostages to West Timor. Its militias burned down its towns and villages, massacred its people and left the country in utter ruin. The Muslim Moros have already invaded the southern villages in the Philippines. In early August 1996, they landed hundreds of armed militiamen on the Island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines and invaded Christian villages. They declared about 15 provinces in the south as Moro district and ordered the Christians to leave and abandon certain areas or face death.

Unless the world community acts, and acts quickly, to tighten security and shut down the so-called Islamic religious schools and militia training centres and refugee camps in the Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria and other Arab/Islamic states, violence will escalate. It is the duty of the UN and the international community to warn governments implicated in jihad activities that they are in breach of the UN Charter to which they are all signatories. Government officials implicated in such activities that refuse to heed UN warnings pose a constant threat to Western democracy and a risk to the stability of world peace. Legal measures should be sought to indict and try them by the international court of justice. The price for reluctance to remove them will be very high in human suffering.

Recent change of world balance of power, because of the collapse of the Soviet Union, calls for a radical change in relationships with various countries. Enemies have become friends and friends have become enemies. In between, there are countries that are hostile to both camps: the old and the new. Russia and several other East European states are prepared to accept the hand of friendship extended to them by the European Union and that of the United States NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Alliance. China is steadily developing into a free enterprise economic system. While in contrast Islamic countries seem to be stagnant in their style of government, emphasized by Islamic religion and culture. They are ruled either by monarchs or despots for life unless removed by force, leaving their systems unreformed. Islamic governments cannot continue playing the duplicity game.

The UN and the international community should work with Islamic leaders to curb the power of the clergy that involve themselves directly in politics, or stand in open defiance against secularisation. It is not enough to remove despots of rigid regimes. Their undemocratic and sectarian constitution should also go and be replaced with a secular democratic one, to give the people freedom of choice, civic rights and justice before the court of civil law.

In like manner, if Islamic conservative power challengers wanting change by substituting violence for dialogue as a means to redemption and return to the virtue of Islam, then their method is self-defeating. It confirms to the world, whether as Islamic states, organisations or groups, that they preach and gain power by violence to expand their domain by the edge of the sword.

Lack of personal freedom and individual choice, in an autocratic or theocratic system, impedes human progress. Pluralism gives a person freedom of choice, within the framework of certain given secular laws of the civil code. Freedom of choice is the most sacred bid in a pluralistic society. Such choice does not infringe on the personal freedom of others. It is an impetus that enhances the mind to excel. Imposition of arbitrary rule and restraints on personal freedom is an impediment to the realization of the one’s full potential.

Provocation of the non-Muslim by the pious Muslim, in (Dar Al-Silm) the Abode of Peace States, is a daily affair. In Egypt, Christian Copt men are daily targets for intimidation, abusive language and assault. Christian Coptic girls are targets for kidnapping by Muslims. Nigeria has recently gone berserk, killing Christians and burning their churches in a barbaric mood. Islamic civil organisations, acting as autonomous units of the state, form lynch-type mobs, harass and attack Christian individuals with vicious barbarity to strike fear in the heart of the Christian natives. The state authority treats such onslaughts as minor social disturbances among ethnic groups. It describes such occurrences as a transitional phase of integration. The authorities deny the Christian victims recourse to justice and water down their official complaints, making it impossible to pursue the matter.




The Religious Edict (Fatwa)  

Table of Contents


Cruelty and Coercion