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Articles and book information on Assyrian issues including contemporary history, experiences under Islamic rule, leadership and Assyrian aspirations to nationhood.

Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam


by Frederick P. Isaac


The On-Going Infighting  

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Falsification and Distortion of History



Jumping the Queue


Bosnia’s new situation arising from the fall of the Soviet Union constituted a threat to the stability of the neighbouring countries and Europe. With the intervention of the UN peacekeeping force, the threat was confined to within former Yugoslavia. Later, with the direct intervention of the United States and deployment of NATO forces, Bosnia was enabled to break free. Battered and bruised, yet with the assistance of the international community headed by the United States, Bosnia is now hopefully on the road to full recovery.

The international community gave Bosnia preferential treatment. It prioritised its case. It allowed the Muslim Bosnians to jump the queue before scores of other peoples. Like the aggrieved Greek Cypriots, the people of East Timor, the persecuted Christians in Southern Sudan, the Biafrans in Nigeria, the Copts in Egypt, the Assyrians in Mesopotamia (Iraq), and scores of other wronged peoples in various parts of the Globe.

There are scores of indigenous peoples that have been under oppression for decades, if not centuries. World bodies classify matters of such magnitude as local problems. They describe them as internal matters that should be resolved domestically by negotiation with their respective governments, as if such tragedies came about by themselves and had not been the direct cause of encroachment by foreign Western and Eastern invading powers.

Upholders of law should not act outside the law. No one should be above the law. Bosnia, while seeking a peaceful solution to its problem, also took up arms. It waged armed resistance for its independence. The mujahideen backed clandestinely by the Abode of Peace States were also involved, including the Saudi and Iranian petrodollar. Bosnia succeeded because certain super powers, the United Nations and the international community supported the move.

Now that Bosnia has regained its sovereignty, it is hoped that it will not make the same mistake as the rest of the Abode of Peace states by changing its approach and adopting unfriendly attitude towards other factions. That it will take a firm stand in dealing justly with all the different ethnic groups and not cause social and religious conflicts. Regardless of ethnicity, all the Muslims, Christian Catholics and Christian Orthodox citizens of Bosnia and gypsies should be treated as equal, before the secular law, irrespective of colour, creed, gender and civic status that they may all live in peace.

Like the rest of the Islamic states of the Abode of Peace, there are signs Bosnia will eventually change its present friendly attitude towards the non-Muslim citizens, by starting to behave unpredictably. It is following the direction of Turkey, Iraq, Nigeria, Algeria and Indonesia in its policy towards the non-Muslim indigenous population.

There is a sense of growing unrest among the Bosnian Muslims in regards to apportionment of the government parliamentary seats. The Bosnian Muslims are unhappy to share power with other ethnics. To display their displeasure, the Bosnians resort to prolonged tactics of showing themselves as the victim of the same representatives of the ethnic groups that have partaken in ruling the country. The Croats are restless, the Serbs are numbed and the gypsies live in bewilderment.

The Bosnian Muslims continue to demand justice to crimes committed against them and want all the Serb and Croat suspects to be arrested and tried in criminal courts. Such attitudes come out of deep bitterness and uncompromising stance of their irresolute demand for absolute power, always resorting to force at the outset. It shows an adamant persistence and determined effort, to neutralize the Christians. The Bosnian Muslims continue to campaign, in collusion with certain rogue elements, to systematically diminish the role of the non-Muslim officials and pass it on to the Muslims, in a bid to curb their influence in policymaking decisions.

The Bosnian government intends to isolate the native Christians from public office and curb their influence to discourage them from striking deeper roots to remain on their soil and property. By adopting a negative approach, the Bosnian Muslims create problems and make it difficult for ethnics to go about their daily business, whether in rural or urban areas, as witnessed, in certain controlled parts of Macedonia and the whole of Kosovo, Serbia.

Similar to what is currently happening in Kosovo, Bosnia’s policy is to ensure that the reins of power of the Muslim government are regained and remain wholly in their hands. The Muslims are not happy with the three-member rotating system of presidency. Their long time ambition has been to perpetuate Muslim cultural customs and Islamic law; and draw Bosnia closer to Dar Al-Silm states by creating social obstacles and religious provocation.

The long-term intention of the Bosnian Muslims is to palisade Bosnia and bring it under the protection of the Abode of Peace of the Islamic Umma nation. Bosnian Muslims prefer the world media to refer to them, by their creed, as Muslims. While the Bosnian Muslims refer to the native Christians as Croats, Serbs or gypsies to give the world the false impression that Bosnia’s religion is Islam and its overwhelming inhabitants are Muslims. Bosnia was a Christian kingdom, never a Muslim state except by incursion and compulsion. If Bosnia’s government system is secular, why be called by their creed? The Balkans being ruled by the oppressive Ottoman Turks for over five centuries, until the early 20th (1396-1922), does not mean that it was predominantly Muslim. Like their Arab counterparts, Turkey seems to have an eye on the Balkans. The Albanian Muslims relying on the Muslim Caucuses as their potential allies have begun ruffling their feathers too, in preparation to spreading their wings towards Greater Albania.

Turkey has a secular government, yet once it shows signs of weakness and starts to crack before the upsurge of Islamic fundamentalism; it will be overpowered and replaced by the growing (CPC) Conservative Power Challengers.

Standing at the threshold of Europe, if Turkey had a succeeding non-secular government, it would be incited to join the Abode of Peace States and adopt the hidden agenda of the Abode of War. Turkey would become the main gate, hinging on the support of mujahideen forces of the Caucasus and the Middle East, turning its guns on Europe to regain its former glory in the Balkans.

Its nostalgia kindled by the memory of its old glory in the Balkans is a potent incitement for the Abode of Peace to complete the link that would have a front extending from the Caucuses to the northern shores of Africa. Pakistan and Iran would be the nuclear backers.

Europe would be a safer place if Turkey were allowed to join the EU (European Union) on reciprocal secular democratic terms, freedom of religion and of worship. It would encourage Turkey to distance itself from the Middle East, with allowance for independence to the ramming Kords wedged in Mountains – far beyond the outpost of Assyria’s traditional borders.

Likewise, to allow peace to overwhelm the Middle East, the U.N. is called upon to give serious consideration to the Assyrian issue. Restoration of Assyria to its legitimate status as an independent state, within the Federal States of Iraq, would be the more helpful stance in stabilizing the region.

Assyria would require U.N. support during its transitional period towards full independence and sovereignty over its (Province) Vilayet Mosul territory. As a scattered nation of about five (5) million, collectively, the majority live in Diaspora. Her people have all the right and the criteria to return to their traditional home in northern Iraq. Their past is deeply rooted in the Middle East, linking them to their ancestral homeland of northern Iraq, since the dawn of history.




The On-Going Infighting  

Table of Contents


Falsification and Distortion of History