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Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam


by Frederick P. Isaac


The Hidden Truth 

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Struggle and Diligence






Turkish Terror



Ottoman Turkey called “the sick man of Europe” in the early 20th century crumbled on itself out of barbarism and bankruptcy. The vast Ottoman Empire, stretching from the Balkans, through the Middle East, to the tip of North West Africa, fell into decay and began to dissolve in 1908 because it resisted democratic change and social reforms. Its economy was largely rural, primitive and highly regional. Being descendants of the Mongols, the Seljuk Turks eventually embraced Islam, and based their rule on the Islamic Shari’ah Law. Non-Muslim inhabitants were subjugated to the “Millet” Provision of the Islamic Shari’ah rule until the end of World War I.

Turkey lacked sealed roads, railway lines, adequate radio communications and telegraph system. Turkey’s social Tanzimat Reforms were no more than a farcical ploy to win European diplomatic and military support in its Crimean War of 1853-1856 against Russia.

Turkey’s Islamic Shari’ah Law and ruling system of the Abode of Peace and the Abode of War remained intact until its fall, and collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In the aftermath of World War I, Turkey re-established her government as a secular state as Modern Turkey under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk after World War One.

Russia had earlier demanded protection of the Christians from the harsh Ottoman rule of the Islamic Shari’ah law. The promises, which Turkey had made, in its edicts of equality for the Christian millet groups, under pressure of Tsarist Russia, were never implemented. The Poll tax paid by non-Muslims was lifted, to be replaced by another new tax levied at a higher rate.

None of the reformation announcements in their edicts from 1839-1876 ever benefited the Christians. On the contrary, their situation became worse. Freedom from oppression and equality before the law for the Christians never eventuated. Persecution of the Christian millets continued. Turkey’s Tanzimat reforms promised to the Christians were one of the highest forms of deception. The systematic massacres and barbarity committed later, by the Turks, during World War I, against the Christians, will ever remain a black mark on the forehead of the nation of Islam.

Islamic States of The Abode of Peace have lately strengthened their economic position and financial credit through control of the oil market. Their future nuclear striking capability and development of long-range missiles is on the rise. Pakistan, Iran and Libya, in recent years, have revealed their hidden agenda through their radical Islamic organizations and individual fundamentalists against the whole world of Christendom.

The long-term objective of the Islamic States of the Abode Peace is to annihilate Christianity and Judaism in the Middle East as a prelude to encroachment on Europe, establishing the gradual emergence of the Islamic version of the new world order. In the Islamic view, Mohammed’s message extends to all humanity. It is a responsibility Islam must meet as pronounced by the messenger. Italy is Islam’s main target for the establishment of its next Dar Al-Silm power base in Europe. It already has the largest Mosque in Europe built in Rome.

Before its defeat, the economy of the Ottoman Empire had completely collapsed. It followed old trade routes with primitive means of transport like oxen carts, mules and camels as beasts of burden, instead of competent merchant ships and railways. It built huge armies that it could no longer logistically support. Its work force and resources were under considerable strain. It could no longer protect the outstretched borders of its vast empire.

Its survival had mainly depended on preying on the subjects of its conquered territories, exacting heavy poll tax on non-Muslim adults, their properties, farmlands and produce, travel and trade. The Ottoman central government adopted the policy of recruiting Janissary/Mamluke forces, from among the Christians, using them as human shields in their invasions and conquests. This served to expand their territory, while at the same time diminish and exhaust the millet natives to near extinction by using them as slave labour, with cruelty and utter neglect.

Assyrians who had been under the Arab rule before the takeover of the Turks, sunk deeper into deprivation and misery. Christianity continued to live under persecution and repression, under Islam. Assyria, then an Ottoman Province, remained in total darkness and in isolation of the Western world, save for the Vatican. Imperial Rome, before its withdrawal from the Middle East, reached agreement with Dar Al-Silm of Islam, for protection and safety of all the Latin Catholic (Affiliate and Uniate) Churches in the Abode of Peace. The Vatican did not include non-Latin Catholic Churches in her agreement. They were left unprotected from the wrath of the Papacy and Islam.

After the capture of Constantinople by the Seljuk Turks (Oghuz Turkish nomads), in 1453, trading practices continued. Non-Muslim traders were given privileges and immunity as encouragement to revamp trade. In 1535, under the Capitulations Agreement, Turkey granted France full religious liberty, the right to guard the Christian Holy places, and the right of protection over all the Christians that lived in the Levant. Non-Latin Catholic Christians fell under protection of France. Yet, France denied them the privileges enjoyed by the Latin Catholics, such as ownership of property, establishment of schools and learning institutions, free travel and trade. They were ignored and neglected, accused of being in error of the Latin Catholic faith and treated them as heretics. To the Latin-Catholics, the Capitulations Agreement was very rewarding. It is still relevant to them until today. To the non-Latin Catholics, it is an anathema. Papacy continues to encourage implementation of the Capitulations Agreement by enhancing the Islamic Thimmitude ‘millet’ Shari’ah Rule on the non-Latin Catholics. The Latin Catholics consider themselves immune from the hostility of Islam. They are wrong. They have suffered as much, and perhaps more. True, they have improved their lot in education and business. Yet, the majority of the Latin Catholics of the Middle East and North Africa have lost their national identity and mother tongue, their history and roots. In Islamic countries, such natives are classified, by their Islamic Governments, as Ra’aya: as in herd, a flock. They are not recognised as full subjects and citizens of the country. They are tramped down and lost. They become a stratum, a layer levelled under yet another layer to follow later in time, under the footprint of Islam. The Baluch of Baluchistan are a testimony to that (Muhammad Sardar Khan Baluch, 1965: pp 1, 10, 17, 23).

To maintain its traditional trade, Turkey allowed the local and foreign traders to continue in their line of business in order to help enhance trade. Later, in 1535, the Ottoman Empire went further. In addition to the commercial privileges and immunity France enjoyed, under the Capitulations Agreement, Turkey granted France:


‘...full religious liberty to the French in the Ottoman Empire and the right to guard the Christian holy places, and much more...’
(Peter Mansfield, 1991: pp 35, 38).

As a result, full protection was established over all the Latin Catholics in the Ottoman Empire. Emboldened by its achievement, France caused untold abuses to the non- Catholic Christians. It confiscated and closed their churches and schools, burned their books and libraries and restricted their trade, their travel and their movement to within their own localities - prisoners in their own homeland.

World War I ended and resulted in many treaties and agreements, but many ensuing problems did not; they remained unresolved. The mandates created Islamic national governments with constitutions, which lacked guarantees for the protection of the indigenous peoples that fell under such Islamic Shari’ah Rule. The Capitulations Agreement continued to be implemented by the, through France and Britain. Non-Latin Catholic Christian natives, in particular the Assyrians, were denied their basic human rights. The traditional rights of the Israelites and Assyrians of the Middle East nations, whose lands had been taken away from them by the Turks and Arabs, were not returned to them. The Anglo-French agenda was designed to consolidate their long-term presence in the Middle East for the control of the oilfields, combating of communism and subjugation of the Christian Orthodoxy and the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East to Latin-Catholicism. They installed Islamic monarchs and rulers congenial to their own French and British interests. Being major power brokers, they influenced the Council of the League of Nations to compromise its principles and the purpose for which it had been set, which was to do justice, rehabilitate the displaced peoples and bring stability and peace to the region.

Islamic countries in the Abode of Peace have never seriously or willingly accepted to reform their system of the Consultative Council along the lines of Western democracy. Since most of their rules are godly, inspired from on high, and based on the teachings of the Koran and the Hadeeth, they are termed religious. Hence, it is natural for an Islamic state to establish its ruling system based on the Islamic (Shari’ah) law.




The Hidden Truth 

Table of Contents


Struggle and Diligence