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Indigenous Peoples

Under the Rule of Islam

by Frederick P. Isaac



Publisher's Press Release - An Insider's Look at Iraqi Human Rights Violations 


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Book Review by Bat Ye'or


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Publisher's Press Release


An Insider's Look at

Iraqi Human Rights Violations 

New Book Provides First-Hand Account of Persecution in Middle East


Philadelphia, PA - February 10, 2003 - Jihad. Many recognize this term, meaning "holy war" in Arabic, especially after deadly events during the last few years. Whether openly or secretly promoted by Islamic religious organizations, and with or without the approval of their governments, jihad forwards the cause of Islam through open threats and violence. While the whole world now knows the deadly effects of jihad, non-Islamic peoples living in Islamic countries have suffered its violence for decades. Now their story is told. Indigenous Peoples Under the Rule of Islam, a new book by Frederick P. Isaac, details the systematic mistreatment of non-Muslim natives, their denial of basic human rights, and their daily discrimination and persecution. This treatment, asserts Mr. Isaac, amounts to a clear-cut policy of genocide for aboriginal groups who refuse to convert to Islam.

Mr. Isaac, whose family lived in and fled from Iraq during the 1930s, details the use of terrorism, expansion, coercion, suicide bombing, and attacks on civilian targets as some of jihad's aggressive methods, particularly in Israel and Iraq. He explains how mujahideen, or holy warriors, apply

 Islamic law and impose it on non-Muslims living in Islamic territory. Consequently, Mr. Isaac explains, the non-Muslim inhabitants become subjects of the Islamic policy of  "conversion by the sword," which seeks to eliminate the cultural identity, race, and faith of anything not Islamic.

He provides many examples, involving such diverse peoples as Jews, Assyrians, Arab Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian Christians, Egyptian Copts, and North African Berber Christians. The book also seeks to help people appreciate other aspects of Islam not thoroughly analyzed by the world media, aiming to raise the issue of human rights abuses of many indigenous people living under Islamic rule.  Mr. Isaac hopes to encourage bodies such as the United Nations to take more active measures against inhumane and undemocratic practices, which he believes constitute a serious threat to world peace. 





About the Author

Frederick P. Isaac was born in 1932 in Kirkuk, Iraq.  His parents fled to Lebanon from Iraq after the massacre of Assyrian villagers in 1933.  They returned in 1941 after his father was re-commissioned in the British Army.  Mr. Isaac has worked in administrative positions with the Iraqi News Agency, the U.S. International Cooperation Administration, and various oil companies in Iraq and Kuwait.  Married in 1962, Mr. Isaac moved with his wife and three children to Australia in 1971.  Since then, he has written about the plight of the Assyrians.  His work has been published in various magazines.





Book Description from Cover


By its sheer population alone, Islam is asserting itself as a major driving force in world affairs. Western Powers may have economic and military superiority, but as a religion, Islam is persistently pursuing its objective of propagating the Mohammadan mission throughout the world through its agenda of the Abode of Peace and the Abode of War. Reflecting Mohammad's charge into battle for Allah, Islam continues to strengthen its dominance in the Abode of Peace, and expand its activities through the chain of networked Jihad organizations in the Abode of War.

The domestic policy of the Abode of Peace Islamic states consistently imposes its Islamic Shari'a rule on the aboriginal non-Moslems with a view to total Islamisation of the native minorities and their assimilation. In the process, these Islamic states have systematically mistreated the non-Moslem natives by denying them their basic human rights, subjecting them to daily discrimination and persecution. This treatment amounts to a clear-cut policy of genocide for aboriginal groups who refuse to convert to Islam. The Assyrians, as other subjugated aboriginal peoples, are voicing their demand for the return of their traditional homeland. Islamic governments remain deliberately oblivious to the pleas and demands of the suppressed Assyrians and other natives that live under the heavy yoke of Islam.

The doctrine of Jihad, an integrated part of Islamic political system, encourages attacks, incursion and acquisition of other people's territory by aggression. The international community, together with the United Nations Organization must shoulder the responsibility to address these crimes against humanity and help the aggrieved aboriginals free themselves.

This book covers the history of Islam in the context of its tenacious objective of spreading its message, from the Ghazzu raids of the early Islamic campaigns to the modern Mujahideen fighters who use sophisticated technology and the power of the petro dollar to help achieve the domestic and global aims of Islam.





Book Review by Bat Ye'or


The Suffering of Assyrians Under Islam
By Bat Ye'or
Published in FrontPage Magazine, 4 March 2003


Indigenous Peoples Under The Rule of Islam

by Frederick P. Isaac



The history of the Christians of the Middle East is shrouded in obscurity as if a conspiratorial silence is determined to rivet the last nail in a coffin that the West has put to rest. Flourishing on this amnesia, we now see new histories taking over the achievements of their predecessors, strutting about with pretentious, gleaming vestments of civilizations looted through jihad usurpation.

In Tabari - the renowned 10th century Muslim scholars - we read that before the Islamic conquest, Iraq was inhabited by the two Peoples of the Book. In Islamic parlance it designates Jews and Christians. Jews have lived in Iraq - Assyria - which constituted a province of the Persian Empire - since their exile there by Nebuchadnezzar (586 BC). Christianity spread among the inhabitants through those ancient Jewish communities. They lived side by side in the same villages. Today there are hardly any Jews left from the numerous diaspora of antique lineage. As for Assyrian Christianity, it has declined considerably from the time of Arab-Islamic invasion, and particularly in the past half century.

It is this history of a long agony, interrupted temporarily by brilliant and peaceful periods, that Frederick P. Isaac, an Assyrian himself, has tried to recapture. His endeavour is not without difficulties as the frequent destruction of monasteries and churches - those reliquaries of libraries and history - of massacres, looting and exiles of Assyrian villagers have spread a silence of death over the centuries.

Isaac is an heir of this ancient Assyrian history, which he recounts in a simple and clear language. He also assesses his personal experience, which he decided to record at his son's request. The Assyrian diaspora is now questioned by their second and third generation anxious to discover its roots abandoned by the hasty flight of the persecuted, and forgotten in the tribulation of exile.

Isaac's book exposes the religious apartheid condition of Jews and Christians under shari'a, the traditional Islamic law. He deplores the collusion, after World War I, of the Western colonial Powers with Muslim authorities against the indigenous religious minorities. The latter were betrayed and abandoned by England and France, the Mandate powers. "Thus - he writes - Assyria was dismembered and its Christian people described as aliens, groups of different sects of unidentified nationalities.....The aim of the key power brokers was to deny the Assyrians statehood."(p.130). Though their country has been appropriated, he writes, the Assyrians are a nation in their own right.

In early 1922 the French and British colonial powers abolished the Assyrian Resettlement Project in their northern region of Mesopotamia. The rehabilitation program for the Assyrians was cancelled as well as its relief work and humanitarian assistance. The Christians were scattered without compensation, protection and shelter, they were robbed of their homes and treated mercilessly. England parcelled out Assyria and "sold it to the highest bidder of the four neighbouring Islamic countries." Isaac's book is a vibrant call to remind the world of an ancient Christian people, sacrificed to the West's policy of Islamic appeasement. "The international community has a moral obligation to relieve the Assyrians from this intolerable situation." The Mandate powers had dispossessed and fragmented a small nation, a crime that must be redressed.

Since the two World Wars, the desire of the Assyrians has always been to live free from Islamic rule, in their own homeland. But "the West dashed their expectation for independence from the Islamic domineering rulers." To comply with Muslim policy, Western nations never considered the Assyrians a separate people, says Isaac, rather they robbed them of their homeland and delivered them to their traditional enemies. This policy of duplicity still continues today by the silence of Western governments, the media, and intellectuals regarding the fact that indigenous minorities in the Islamic lands "are subjected to continuous oppression and humiliation. They live in total anxiety. They are in constant fear of losing their jobs, their properties and their lives."

In his conclusion, the author describes how Iraq "distorts the truth and falsifies textbooks of history and social studies about the a part of its policy of the educational curricula that it teaches in schools." (p.176). This policy is general in all the lands Islamized by jihad. The same denial of Jewish and Christian history that preceded Islam is constantly enforced. It is epitomized by the Arab-Israeli conflict where Israel is called a colonial and usurper people in its own land, a dismissal of the whole Biblical and post-Biblical history on which Christianity rests. Europe's collusion with the PLO and its replacement policy fits well the duplicity described by Isaac concerning the Christians - but in the case of Israel, this duplicity which is consonant with the Islamic refusal of the Bible, destroys Christianity itself.


Bat Ye'or is the author of three books on Jihad and dhimmitude ( and Her latest study is Islam and Dhimmitude. Where Civilizations Collide (2002); see her Eurabia: The Road to Munich National Review Online, October 9, 2002.





Table of Contents








Tourism and Terrorism

A Risky Venture

Instability and Chaos of the So Called Rule of Law

Suppression of Freedom

The Ruinous Cyclone

Personal Freedom

Lack of Personal Choice

Association and Partnership

Ranking of Religions

Preaching and Practice


(Ghazzu) Raid

Riding the High Tide

Allaho Akbar-the Comparative God

The March of Islam through Jihad

The Abode of War & the Abode of Peace



Duality and Confusion in the Ruling System

Grisly Methods of Persuasion

Long-Term Objective of Islam


Conservative Power Challengers

Conquered Land, its Loss and Retrieval

Indigenous Nationals Taking the Brunt

Land Grabbers

The Physical Palestine

The Physical Israel

Tactics & Strategies of the Hardliners

Love of God and Democracy

The Mirage

The Surging Wave

The Chisel Policy


Faithfulness and True Allegiance

The Original Objective


The Khalifah-Successor of Mohammad

The Religious Edict (Fatwa)

Turbulent Waters

Cruelty and Coercion

Land Ownership



The Modern Janissary or Mamluke

Islamisation of Historical Non-Muslim Figures

One-Track Mind

Social and Political Status of the Assyrians

Insatiable Greed for Dominance


The On-Going Infighting

Jumping the Queue

Falsification and Distortion of History

The Hidden Truth


Turkish Terror

Struggle and Diligence

Power Struggle

Tailored System of Government

Progress and Contribution to Humanity

Double Standards

Compassion and Justice

Dishonest Deals and Betrayal

The Will to Right the Wrong

Dashed Hopes

The Assyrian Tragedy


A Sandwiched Nation

Crime of the Century

Conspiracy of Silence & Role of the Western Media

Excavation in the Name of Archaeology and Science


Balance and Counterbalance

False Allegations and Betrayal

Survival Under Despotism

A Forgotten People?

Hope of Survival


Holistic Rights of the Indigenous

Sound Investment

Pleas to the World Bodies