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(Zinda Magazine, 17 December 2005)



This  is the same old wicked attempt to relegate the national identity of the Assyrian to a mere Christian resident. The aim behind this dubious call is to strand them with the Christian residents of Iraq, considering their return as part of the Iraqi Christian minority, and not as a separate nation in their own right.


Why is it that the Assyrian leadership, on the ground, does not make such an invitational statement, direct, to his Assyrian dispersed nation? Is it because the Assyrian leadership is fragmented and those in the so-called Kurdish Parliament are snubbed? Are such Assyrian leaders coerced, not allowed to work in the interest of the Assyrians to fulfill their aspirations? Are such Assyrian leaders influenced to follow their Kurdish and/or the guidelines of other masters, or else? Why should such an invitation come out from a Kurdish official and not through an Assyrian Leader? Has our subservience been transferred from Arab to Kurd? What is the usefulness of being an MP/leader if such a member has no actual voice to speak on behalf of his Assyrian people and represent their demands? Who is looking after the interest and future rehabilitation and resettlement of the dispossessed Assyrian Nation, now living in diaspora? Why should not the Assyrians have a slice of the pie? Are the Assyrians being called to gather and return home to live on crumbs at the mercy of the Kurds?


By arrogating Assyria, the Kurds downplay the right of the Assyrians to their homeland.   Calling on the Assyrians to seek refuge, under their protection, is like taking refuge among wolves in sheep's clothing.  The Kurds are sitting on Assyrian land, playing the role of overlord protectors.  It does not compute. It is iniquitous.  It is scary.


Although the majority of the Assyrians live in diaspora, they look upon the Assyrian Leadership, in Iraq, as the official mouthpiece of its globally dispersed Assyrian Nation. The Assyrians should not be classified as a minority but as a dispossessed Nation. By virtue of their history and demography, the Assyrians are a nation in their own right. Assyrians in diaspora should not be treated as alien returnees. Assyria is their home. It does not belong to the Kurds, although the Kurds say that now it does, and all of the Land of Assyria? The Kurds are so selfish; they do not know even how to share to coexist in peace with their neighbours. To the Kurds, it is all or nothing!



Assyrians want to return home to live within their own-bordered region outside the influence and interference of the so-called Kurdish Administrative Region. Assyrians are entirely different from the Kurds in every aspect of life. The Kurds do not have anything in common with the Assyrians. Assyrian land, history, language, religion, and culture are entirely different from that of the Kurds. The Kurds have encroached on Assyrian land. Calling it "Kurdistan" is no more than a whitewash. Where would the Kurds accommodate the rest of the remaining twenty (20) million gypsy Kurds? It is no surprise that the Kurds have an eye, on areas, beyond the arrogated Assyria.


Assyrians are historically an integral part of the Middle Eastern Region. And so are the Israelis and Arab Christians. Calling the Assyrians by their religious name as Christians, and not by their national identity, is a test case. If successful, it would become a precedent for Arab and Islamic nations, to challenge the existence of Assyria, Israel and even Lebanon in the not too distant future. Calling them by such dubious terms is to deny them their traditional rights to their homeland. Though their number in Iraq is presently small, since Post World War I, the Assyrians, have been scattered all around the world. Their ethnic population, made up of several Assyrian derivatives is estimated at over three (3) million.


Including the Assyrian population in the total estimate of three per cent (3%) Christians in Iraq, and calling them as such, is a travesty. Assyrians, combined, make up over three percent (3%) on their own. There is no need for the Assyrians to be described as merely Christian, or for that matter be fused with other minorities as Christian to deny their racial identity.


Why call the other groups in Iraq like the Turkmen by their ethnic name, and not by their Moslem religion, yet keep on calling the Assyrians by their faith as Christian and not by their Assyrian National Identity. Is this not racial vilification? Why call the Kurd as such, whose nationality is not recognized internationally, while keep on calling the Assyrians, Christian, denying them their right to their genuine Assyrian nationality?


Why does the UN tolerate such discriminatory and abusive language? Or is it because the Assyrian is not included in the political equation? They are free to call the Assyrian by any name they wish except by his genuine national identity, just to keep the Assyrian marginalized. Is this their new brand of democracy? If advocates of democracy were concerned over the unsettled question of Assyria, they would at least gather the Assyrians together; ensure their safety, in a secure environment, under protection of the United Nations.


Is this tactic to confuse the world of the true identity and need of the Assyrian people in order to disqualify them from demanding their natural rights? The United Nations being aware of such constant provocations and abuse of human rights has an essential role to play in addressing this situation. Let us hope that in the end democracy will win.






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