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(Posted 21 December 2005)



Non-Moslems of the Middle East, mainly Arab Christians, dare not speak openly about their political and social grievances.  Arab Christians have become rungs for the Arab Moslems.  Arab Moslems use the Arab Christians to climb the ladder of success at their expense.   They continue to kowtow the Assyrians, the Jews and the Arab Christians themselves, in the Middle East and North Africa, to utter submission and obedience, depriving them of basic human rights.  They have been conditioned to obey and serve their affluent Moslem masters.  Since the Arab Islamic invasion of the Middle East in mid-7th century AD, Christians have lost their land, political independence and wealth, unable to lead the cherished life of their ancestors. They are pawns in the hands of the Arab Moslems, unable to break free to regulate their life, as they please.


In the eyes of the Moslems, Arab Christians are no more than Janissary/Mamlukes. And they will remain so, until they rise up and break away to chart their own course of action for an independent Arab Christian State.  Living under foreign occupation means living in captivity. Many other nationalities in the Middle East, that are in the same situation, understand and empathize with their problem.  They are no better than the Assyrians and Israelites except that they are given freedom of movement and are allowed to seek employment and residence in most Islamic countries, because they racially relate themselves to Arab stock.  They were driven to do so to ensure their survival.  Since they had lost their land, like the Israelis and Assyrians, they lost control over their resources. The non-Moslems have since become pawns in the hands of the Moslems just to survive or find a way out of their misery.


Traditionally, Arab Moslem and Arab Christian lived together as nomadic tribes. They shared the whole of the Arab Peninsula.  They lived side-by-side and coexisted without much flare.  Even many Jewish tribes once lived among them. They tolerated one another in all walks of life such as worship, trade and freedom of travel and association.   They developed close relationships, based on mutual respect and observance of certain traditional rights of travel and movement, sharing water resources, the right of way, and the right of access to pastureland, to market outlets for navigation and trade and the right of worship.


Beginning in about the middle of the 7th century AD, the whole of the Arab Peninsula began to disintegrate.  It fell apart and blew out of all proportions, theologically, politically and culturally.  Mohammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Quraishi began to reshape the Arab Peninsula in the image of his newly emerging religion of Islam. Under his direct leadership, Prophet Mohammad reformed the Arab Peninsula by introducing a New World Order. He constituted the religion of Islam as the foundation stone on which the Arab society would be built.  Arab Peninsula assumed a new concept of far-reaching dimensions: One God, One Nation, and One Language. Like a snowball, it began to roll and grow. It has since become unstoppable.  The notion of domineering the world with the religion of Islam has since been firmly entrenched in the minds of his benefactors, and followers of the faith. The notion of this long-term objective has just started breaking at the seams, spilling over in all directions. This surge must be stopped and brought under control at all cost and rid the world of its menace.


All previous religions, territorial dominions and cultures were to be phased out. They were destined to total elimination. Henceforth, only one God would be observed, one script would be recognized as the liturgical language and one form of social culture would be rendered as acceptable to guide the people's daily code of conduct. All the rest would be phased out.


This theological surge had presumably been based on the call to "HAYYA LI-NUGH-DHI-A LKAW-NA WA NUS-LIMUHU - FA-SAIFUNA HAQQON WALA MANN YASODDOH, meaning: "Come on, let us subdue the world and Islamise it - our sword is just and no one can repulse it." A millennium ago, they lacked the know-how and failed.  A century ago, they lacked the financial means.  Beginning the 21-century, they have both and more zealotry.


All future intermarriages would be sanctioned under the strict Islamic Shari'ah law. It would be conditional to sever all relations with the past. In the final analysis, except for Moslems, all other religions would have to abide by this law, lump it or leave it. By their lapse into seclusion and neglect, their old parental linkage would erode to total extinction, and disappear.  All civilizations would melt into the crucible Islamic pot. Islam would supersede all existing religions.  Islam would finally become the Abode of Peace, domineering the whole world. Any deviation from Al-Ssirat Al-Mustaqeem, the true path of Allah, would be considered as dissension and subversion.  The offender would be meted out with severe punishment.


Moslems use the Arab Christian as a bridgehead.  They more often use him as a rundle on the ladder of success.   Later, they use him as a footstool to rest their feet in relaxation as a sign of triumph.  The Arab Moslem indulges in business ventures, using the Christian as a rung, to consolidate his foothold in a new venturesome bid, to help him ensure success.   Christians are also often used as a front, like a facade in Arab and non-Arab countries. They leave the way open for the Arab Christian to take over and promote the launched enterprise. This stratagem covers the whole world, except China. For now, much of their capitals are invested through a second party.


Twenty-two (22) Arab states, spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, are Islamic.  Arab Christians do not enjoy full political rights and less so cultural rights. Christians in the Arab Islamic states are denied political rights in the true sense of the word. Few privileged positions do exist. They are assigned to Christians by appointment or decree.  They are appointed in high positions without any constitutional power, void of authority.  They are no more than figurehead puppets, serving their Arab Moslem masters, locally and abroad. Moslems assume the Christians as untrustworthy. They consider them unfit for high positions, not because of their high competency, but because of their Christian faith.


The difference between the Arab Moslem and the Arab Christian is mainly in religion, not race. They are Semitic. They are the same in race and demography. This results in the existence of two separate and distinct cultures, leading to total difference and variance in the concept of the two cultures.  The civic and social behaviour of the individual of either side of the two societies turns into odds and ends to the point of incongruity.  Though the two societies live in close proximity, side-by-side, they function independently, in complete isolation of each other, all year round. The daily activity and behaviour of the bustling city and it's surrounding, looks normal. Yet, the Arab Christian cannot accommodate himself comfortably in Moslem dominated countries. There are certain traditions and rules that override those of the Christian residents. And they are varied and many. They cause constant irritation and abuse to either side of the spectrum. It is like trying to avoid stepping on an eggshell or broken glass strewn about.  The Arab Moslems move in a self-conscious manner, tinted with self-denial. They consider any place outside their turf, which does not agree with their culture, as totally strange and foreign. At times, they resent it, and at others, they criticize it openly.


Considering all things being equal, the Arab Moslems and Arab Christians are similar in many ways.  They share the same Arabic language and script; musical instruments, music and songs; food and apparel. In some instances, they even tread on common grounds such as going to the same school, teahouse, cafe, restaurant, cinema, and entertainment centres.  They commute on public transport without much fuzz. At one time, they even owned camels. They used them as caravans in trade and travel. Yet, practically, Islamic states, first and foremost, now belong to the Moslem male.


The Moslem male generally overwhelms all public utilities and institutions.  He is free to access them without any reservation.  Yet, he is seldom seen in company with his female partner in a social gathering, unless, of course, the function is exclusively Islamic. Although the Moslem female has full freedom of movement in public, she is very careful not to associate with non-Moslem males.  Other than such places as learning institutions and place of work, she is not allowed to associate with non-Moslem male under any circumstances.  Mixed public functions are a taboo. Otherwise, she would be questioned, and warned and probably punished. Honour killing is still prevalent.


Since both societies function within a very limited scope of fellowship, they become socially distant and closed-minded.  The question arises as to why the Arab Christians should not have their own Christian state.  Like Moslem monarchies such as the states of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and scores of other Arab Islamic states, spread all throughout the Middle East, the Arab Peninsula and North Africa.    Arab Christians would, at least, be free from a culture that, though it bears resemblance to theirs in formalities only, it is irrelevant to them, as far as the Christian culture is concerned. At times, the two societies become irritable to each other, and lock up in a long struggle because of conflict of interest.


Over fifteen (15) million Arab Christians live in Arab Moslem States.  The government system of all the 22 states, listed by the Arab League, is defined as Moslem, based on the Shari'ah law. Arab Christians have been muzzled. Their political rights are denied.  Their social rights are diminishing, forcing them to blend with the Arab Moslem culture.  Islamic Shari'ah Law is systematically regulating their life to utter subservience.  By this process, Islam is eroding the Christian culture.  Its long-term objective is to substitute the genuine racial identity of the Egyptian Copt, the Israeli, and the Assyrian, for Arab, equating them with the Arab Christian. Does this fit with the term democracy?


Why should not the above four dispossessed nations be allowed to wrest their usurped territory, regain their independence and live under their own sovereign rule? Who sanctioned the whole of the Middle East and North Africa to the Moslem occupiers? Why is the history of the above aggrieved and dispossessed nations suppressed and hidden from the public and academic study?  The more they cry for justice, the harder the United Nations suppress their demands for transparency and justice.


Arab Christians compromise their scholarly expertise for their own personal gain. Politically, they are shortsighted.  Instead of striving for an Arab Christian state, of their own, using their academic excellence to regain their dignity and live a free and independent life, they compromise their principle and become complacent and obedient to the Arab Moslem states and its laws.  They believe that because they term themselves Arabs, they are privileged and stand a better chance of improving their lot. They could be right, but what an empty life of unfulfilled ambition. They have fallen short of their national achievement. They are leading an exaggerated life built on false hope.  Eventually, the Moslem will strip the Christian of his assets, unless the latter follows in the heel of Islam. Observe North Africa, especially Algeria and Egypt. Likewise, look at the conditions in Iraq, Israel, Syria and now Lebanon; they are all heading towards bankruptcy of their faith, assets and culture.  How many non-Moslem successful businesspersons and landowners are there in Iraq, let alone Iran.


Out of desperation, Arab Christians have now turned on the Assyrians, in an attempt to grasp their heel and drag them down with them, into the abyss, terming them Arab. They have been backing the Arab Moslems against the indigenous Israelis, Assyrians and Copts for centuries. Being Arab, they habitually side with the Palestinians. They endear themselves to the Arab Moslems and appease them.  In return, Arab Moslems award them with generous job placement, and facilitate matters to them so long as they side with the Islamic Arab policy of assimilation.


The dispossessed Assyrian Nation looks at the world affairs in a realistic manner.  Assyrians are Christians.  They believe in their God, Yahweh -  the Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel.  God's promise that He will revive and restore Assyria is assured in Job 14:7-9 and Isaiah 19:23-25.  Or else, the world should adopt the scientific Process of Evolution of the "Big Bang" Theorem.  All religions should go and be done with, constituting their ethical and moral values on benevolence and human justice, rather than the Divine and the Ten Commandments, and the gift of salvation by Grace. Where do the world sectarians stand in regard to this issue?  Why are they silent, or sitting on the fence, and not speaking out? It is indicative of the ecclesiastics' weak faith in the word of their Creator.  If humankind is the creature of a big bang, he certainly will end up with a big bang. So, why turn against each other, why the rush? Unless, of course, one believes in the redemption of life, to challenge life and live it to the full, with all its good and ills, always doing good and hoping for the best.


The spread of such weakness is evidenced in all religions. It has caused many of their congregations to stray from the truth. Some ecclesiastics formulate new and different interpretations to certain passages and versions of the Scriptures. They license themselves to marry couples of the same sex, to exaggerate or understates certain verses of the Scriptures as outmoded, consecrating the new interpretations as Devine, connecting them to the Word of God as legitimate.  They have lost touch with their mission of preaching and practising of the Ten Commandments of God and the Covenant of the New Testament. They act as the "The Foolish Shepherd" (Zechariah 11: 15-17).


The sad thing about this change is that the West has lately interpreted the concept of God as different from its originally genuine acceptance. To them, religion has become monotonous, and to some perhaps as tiresome. In addition, paradise as a reward, with nothing much to do, everlasting life becomes boring. Their progress and advancement in technology has strayed them from focusing on finding the truth, unaware, or unwilling to accept that at the end of the day, the New Scrolls that would be opened would be entirely different from what the mortal man had envisaged.  Many may even doubt in the prediction of such Scrolls.


The Assyrians have been tempered. They will hold fast to their faith, unperturbed. Assyrians will not compromise their faith for worldly comfort. They have so far endured for nearly two thousand years.  They will continue to do so, though the worst is yet to come.


Persons that abandon their mother tongue and adopt a foreign one resemble orphaned children, living on pittance.  Whether by choice, by design or default, Arab Christians have adapted to the unpalatable lifestyle of their surrogate out of disparity and non-performance.  Often times, they play down the seriousness of their plight. They are happy the way they are - very successful. Some reckon they are full to the brim, and doing very well. There is no need to change, as some of them say. Some carry dual citizenship.  They can visit their country of origin whenever they feel like it. To them, "that's life." Not like the Assyrian, 'the scum of the earth', as they sometimes call the Assyrians and Jews. The Arabs also add that they, the Assyrians, are still living in the past in the Dark Ages. And that they always come up with excuses just because they were kicked out and finished. Carrying on, with this mentality, the Arab Christians will eventually follow suit. If they continue in this trend, they will become 'dregs of the earth.'  They better sober up and reconsider their situation, or they will soon end up in a slipshod slide, hit the bottom of the pit and join the 'dregs of the earth.'


Arab Christians relate the Assyrians to the Arab stock, through assimilation, to justify their own inaptitude and ire.  They lack the moral courage to take up the challenge and demand their political rights, wholly independent from the Arab Islamic states.  Arab Christians will remain slavish, until they rise up and free themselves from the heavy yoke of Islam. They were historically Phoenician. Later, they claimed to be remnant of the Canaanites. Then Aramaeans.  In recent past, they identified themselves with the name of the country: Lebanese.  Now, they call themselves Arabs? God help the genealogists.


Until the mid fifties, Lebanon was considered as the Swiss of the East, or (Durrat Al-Sharq) Pearl of the East. It has now been relegated to (Malha [al] Sharq) - the Cabaret of the East.  It is being used as an amusement centre, stealing the limelight and worldly pleasures away from Cairo, Egypt and bringing them to Beirut, Lebanon.  Lebanon has become (Bu'erat Fasad), the orchestra pit - the house of corruption and depravity.  By doing so, the Arab Islamic states are trying to enliven the morality image of their countries, at the expense of the nominally Christian Lebanon.  To look virtuous, Arab Moslems demean Lebanon as the centre of promiscuity and infamy.


Arab Christians are too reluctant to act in the interest of their own country. They are so rich in scholarly knowledge, yet are so poor politically.  If religion is the name of the game in the Islamic states, then it is the duty of the Arab Christians to challenge the Arab Islamic states for their rights, as the Assyrians and the Israelites are doing. They need to rid themselves of Oriental neo-colonialism. In the past, it was Islamic conquests, Ottoman brutality and Western imperialism.  The residues left by those three belligerents has developed into Islamic neo-colonialism, more despotic than its predecessors.    Neo-colonialism has to go and be done with, and with good riddance. Arab Christians should advocate and cherish the concept of an independent Arab Christian State. They need to regulate their life without the need for others to meddle in its own affairs.


Arab Christians pose as proud Arabs, especially in oil-rich states, to gain employment and promote good business relations with them.  By doing so, Arab Christians remain slumped in the quagmire of their irresolute approach of their destiny.  They are living on borrowed time.  Arab Christians will eventually wear the long flowing Arab robe - Dish-Da-Sha, signifying their defeatism, especially when seen in cafes, sitting relaxed, toying with a set of threaded beads in their hand, or high, smoking the Hubble-bubble (narghile) pipe and in a dazed mood.


The Arab Christian population of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christianity, has recently dropped to a mere five percent (5%) or less.  Do the Arab Christians honestly believe that they can hold on to Lebanon and retain it under Christian governance? With such a slack aptitude, it is doubtful. Christianity losing the birthplace of its religion, means contraction and eventual strangulation, pinning all their hope on their Lord for their salvation from their anarchists. Though hopeful, it is a long call.


Factionalism aside, the indigenous of the Middle East, and North Africa are called upon to wake up to themselves.  They need to unite, and remain vigilant.  They are urged to combine their efforts and form adequate fronts, strong enough to repudiate false allegations that the whole of the indigenous peoples of the Middle East and North Africa have long been vanquished or assimilated with the Arab Moslem majority.  This is a blatant lie!  The non-Moslem indigenous peoples of the Middle East make up scores of millions. The false 'IN-QARA-DHU" Arabic rhetoric, for extinguished, no longer applies. It is idle talk and exaggeration to keep on describing them as extinct.   If the Arab Moslems seek to resort to the "do or die"/"The Samson Option" strategy, then let them be assured that democratic countries of the free world are well prepared and ready, to take them on.


The world family of nations regards the United Nations Organization as the guardian and promoter of human rights. Nations look upon the UN as the arbiter and enforcer of laws that concern humanity at large. The UN is entrusted with the power and vested with authority to bring an end to Islamic colonialism.  The UN needs to embark on the task to decolonize the above three occupied states from the Islamic Shari'ah rule. Oriental colonialism is a scourge that should be condemned by all humanity. Those who defend it are evil in disguise, like the Janjaweed devils of the Sudan.  The above three states under siege of Islam must be decolonised.  They must be unshackled from the brutal Shari'ah rule and set free.


Arab Christians need to decide as to whether they wish to remain as Arab rundles, under the heel of Islam, or fight for their legitimate right and break away. Similar to scores of Arab Moslem States, Arab Christians should demand that they be recognised as ARAB CHRISTIANS, on their soil.  They need to have their own independent Christian State, and live under the sovereign rule of their own Christian people and culture. A modified Lebanon would be ideal.


The world, as a whole, should rid itself of all forms of colonialism, be it in Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, or South America. The notion of building empires on the crushed bones of fellow humans is long gone. Economic growth, peace and harmony will only be maintained when equity is used as the common denominator. And when it is applied in all fairness to all human beings, considering them as one global family, yet each group within its own traditional delineated territory. The notion of domineering will stop.






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