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Copyright (c)  Frederick P. Isaac, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Published 3 March 2007 in Zinda Magazine,



The Stump is the biblical term for Assyria.  The Stump represents the Assyrian Nation.  Assyria shall remain standing, holding fast to its original roots, awaiting rejuvenation, according to God's will.


Creation of the compound name was brought about by imposition rather than choice. It has widened the gap of disunity, hampering the progress of our march as one Assyrian people of different segments.  As when the tree is felled, the branches (derivatives of the compound name) wither and die out.

Those who foster Assyria as the name of their fatherland, cherish it as the national name of their nation.  They proudly identify themselves with the Assyrian name as their national identity, and shall continue to do so, as I do. So, help me God. You cannot serve two masters, let alone three.

Genuine derivative names come about and grow as branches from the Stump itself.  As the Stump revives and grows, branches will steadily sprout and flourish.  Yet, for such a Stump to rejuvenate itself and become a healthy tree, it needs the combined efforts of all the segments to bring the thriving tree to fruition.  Assyria would be the fruit of all our labour, and its braches the pride of the whole tree, stump, trunk, branches and all.

Whether on the ground, in north of Iraq, or in diaspora, the fact remains that Assyrian representatives in any government are bound, by pledge, to observe government rules and guidelines. They are required to act in accordance with the prescribed protocol of their status.  On their part, helping the Assyrians is limited to the Iraqi constitution, which when compared to our natural rights, is negligible. Outside the constitution, promise of help and support by such Assyrian representatives is no more than lip service. It is rhetorical, without any substance, failing to produce any meaningful results.

Such representatives are restricted in expressing their personal views freely. Being Assyrian, does not entitle such officials to publicly support or promote aspirations of the Assyrian populace, be it at home or abroad.  This has been the case for generations. It is a fact we should accept.  Other new avenues and more effective methods should be sought to improve rapprochement and unity of our move and solidarity of our combined action.


Because of the above restrictive procedures, efforts to revive the stump seem to continue to bog down, due to some hapless infantile and pretenders. They are shackled by foreign elements and influenced by their masters' distorted teachings.   Such antiquated and fabricated names of non-existent nation- status are no more than a facade or a mere medium at best.


Launching consolidated campaigns under the historical name, give the Assyrian movement impetus and a better chance of achieving a more favorable outcome than acting under different specious names.


Brethren, wake up and sober up. You identify your nationalities with derivatives relating to Assyria, knowingly or not.  Yet, when the crunch comes, you distance yourselves from the Stump, the primal name of Assyria.  Such unpatriotic behaviour of withdrawal are carried out by the derivative groups, at the behest of your sectarian leaders, causing confusion, deliberately hampering the progress of the Assyrian struggle.  Notwithstanding, it was on your persistent demand and willingness that you joined in, considering the Assyrian as (Akhounwathan Athurnayi) your brothers.


All Assyrians that cherish the name of Assyria as the name of their fatherland are sincere in their arduous quest for restoration of Assyria. Although their approach and method of regaining their traditional rights may vary, their ultimate objective never changes. It remains the same i.e., restoration of Assyria to its former political status, on its soil, as it had been in the past, until Post WWI. Though under the Islamic millet provision of the Dhimmitude, the Assyrians were internally independent and recognized as such by the Ottoman Turkish Rule.


It is traditional and common knowledge to demand your rights from your usurper.  In recent times, more venues have become available through which Assyrians could engage in dialogue to reach resolution of their case.  No matter which method the above Assyrian organizations and parties (Shutasi and Gabbi) they pursue, or whom they negotiate with, they shall remain loyal to their main goal, as they have always been and continue to be.


They will not sway from their Assyrian objective.  They will not compromise their Assyrian national name for any other unwarranted and fictitious substitutes.  Assyrian we are and Assyrian we shall remain in nationality and national identity.


The prominent Assyrian Universal Alliance Organization (AUA), Bet Nahrian Political Party, and the rest of the Assyrian establishments (Gabbi W-Shutasi Athurayi) of whatever persuasion they might be, are intrinsically sincere Assyrians. They are dedicated to the promotion of the Assyrian cause.


Any individual or quarter that accuses them of treachery and betrayal is a loser. He goads himself to blame his own failure on others.   By behaving in this manner, the accuser is only goading himself.  (Mkhaita D-Gucha Al-Urutkha Khaz-dakta Dgana Eila) Goading one's fist causes self-harm). Nothing good comes out of inflicting undue pain, except perhaps regret for making false accusation and misbehavior.


The Assyrian organizations and national parties have been serving the Assyrian nation for the last three to four decades with sincerity, dedication and fortitude.  They have served the Assyrians of all segments, irrespective of their ethnic background.  They continue to do so, considering them as one people of the same ancestry of Mesopotamia.  In our books, they are Assyrians.


Just because such Assyrian organizations and political parties do not support the compound name, proponents of the compound name should not look at the Assyrians as their enemy and accuse their leaders of betrayal and treachery.


The Assyrian stance of the genuine Assyrian Organizations and political parties stand firm in protecting the unitary name of Assyria.  There is no need for those in disagreement to be so irritable, unless they have convincingly accepted the compound name and changed sides, for their own ambiguous reasons.   We wish them luck.


Affinity to Assyria Remains at its Paramount.   Assyrians welcome and support any other Assyrian segment or section that believes in the concept of Assyria as his/her national identity. If you accept being genetically, historically, by heredity, and by phratry part of Assyria, then remember that when the stump is watered and tended with care, it will revive, sprout, grow branches and thrive.    To regenerate itself, the stump needs to be brought back to life. Thus, by feeding it and nourishing it, the stump would come to life again, grow and the tree flourishes.  The stump - Assyria - of which you claim it to be no more than a mere branch, is a deliberate act of treachery, on your part, in a desperate attempt to relegate the primal name of Assyria to an epithet.


The stump needs your contribution; in alliance with the Primal name Assyria.  By so doing, you are assisting in brining the Assyrian nation to reality.  Without the stump, there would be no branches.  The whole lot would be gone and lost in the fold of history, stump, branches and all.  It would be your end too.


Compounding the Assyrian name will not change the fact that Assyria is a nation in its own right. I have also recently noticed the name of Assyria demoted to a third place, attaching it to the end of the compound name.  By doing so, supporters of the compound name try to delude others that Assyrians proper are a mere small minority.  They understate Assyria's growing population, describing it as insignificant and unworthy of the recognition it deserves as a distinct nation.


Look at the nomad Kurds; they are in millions, made up of various ethnic groups. They do not have a script and language of their own. They speak four different dialects, foreign and incomprehensible to one another. They never had national state-status.  Yet, for fear of disintegration, they obligingly, out of necessity, cluster together, calling themselves, collectively, Kurds. They continue arrogating other peoples' land under the fictitious name "Kurdistan" to give their fraudulent name the impression of legitimacy in order to survive their ordeal. Their unity under one name has saved them from disintegration.  It is one of the highest acts of deception that needs to be exposed and addressed, internationally.


Our brethren Catholics, on the other hand, similar to the Kurds, continue living a pretentious life, a life based on deception of being direct descendants of the ancient Chaldean rulers of old.  They find it hard to swallow their pride and admit that distortion does not help and faking it does not sell.


"Chaldean?" Only recently, all the Catholic Churches, whose congregations are of the Middle East origin, existing overseas, were instructed (in about 2004 AD), to add "Chaldean" to their Church name. Was it a slip, or just a minor inadvertent mistake of memory lapse, waking up to it after centuries of neglect and carelessness?  Or was it a deliberate act, of a slow process of a prolonged term of fusing all the Christians of the Middle East into the Roman Catholic crucible melting pot. In either case, our Catholic brethren, concentrated in North of Iraq, that were labeled "Chaldean" by Rome in about mid-16th century, are genuine Assyrian in national identity.  Assyrians are blood brothers and sisters of the Catholics branded "Chaldean" by the Catholic Church of Rome.


Assyrians recognize and respect all Christian denominations without exception.  Yet, as Christian, Assyrians have the right to disagree with certain denominations on national identity and doctrinal grounds. To excommunicate them, as Rome has done, and deny their Catholic brethren their Assyrian national identity, is unchristian and sinful.


Both of the above mentioned fraudulent nations may try to turn the hands of the clock backwards, but they would surely bounce back.


To help resolve the outstanding name issue, cut yourselves away from old foreign entanglements, and discard them.   Though hard, accept the truth and join in, in support of the primal name Assyria.  You "Chaldeans" are our blood brothers and sisters.  We would love to see you all return to the fold in celebration of the unity of the Assyrian Nation in all sincerity.


Assyria is our name; Assyria is part of us; Assyria is with us in body and soul. A branch or a derivative does not have bearing to claim preeminence. Assyria's enemies will fail and be crushed under its voluminous history.


Solution to our problem is accepting & recognizing our Assyrian national name as the preeminent. The problem with the Assyrians is that they are embroiled in factionalism, causing disunity. In addition, Assyria lacks official recognition by the big powers and the world body of the United Nations. Recognizing our national Assyrian Identity is the solution to our outstanding problem.


The sad thing about Assyria's misfortune is that both sides of the warring nations of World War I colluded with the Turks and Arabs, against the then non-Moslem colonized nations of Israel, Assyria and Christian Lebanon and other Christians (known as Syrianis) of the Middle East and Christian Copts of Egypt.


Deportation, nullification, deracination, were enforced on them, considering the native inhabitants of the above states as extinct, non-existent or Arab.  They used the League of Nations as an authoritative and effective instrument in wiping them off the map and deracinating their native inhabitants.  In the process, the warring nations changed the names of the four non-Moslem states and denied them their traditional rights.


The Allies, being members of the League of Nations and the Ottoman Turks and Arabs later joining in, schemed on annulling the existence of all the above four non-Moslem nationalities. The two sides of the warring nations concluded treaties, through the League of Nations, agreeing to uproot the non-Moslem surviving nations from their native land.  Through the League, they described them as remnants of ancient kingdoms that had long been vanquished.  The whole lot was handed back to the Moslems.


They were forcibly ejected from their homeland and dispersed, with a view to their gradual assimilation with the Turkish and Arab Moslem invaders and occupiers.  Meanwhile, the roaming Kurds were allowed to seize Assyrian lands and settle on them with the intention of urbanizing them as Moslem settlers in place of the Assyrian Christians.  The Kurds being Moslem in religion, the neighbouring countries considered them as an asset.


The main objective of the two warring sides was to rob the Assyrians of their native land. They dispersed them and created new Islamic states, with a view to the gradual assimilation of the ousted Assyrians with the Islamic majority of their crucible melting pot.


Islamic governments of the newly created countries, in the Middle East, described the internally displaced Christian indigenous people that had survived WWI, as Arab Christians. They were given specious names of denominational description such as Nestorian, Moroni, and 'Chaldean', Arab Orthodox etc., to minimize their number.   In the process, Islamic states, in agreement with the League, annulled the national identity of the Assyrians.  The Assyrians were hence described as a diminishing minority, heading towards total extinction.


Thus, newly created Arab/Islamic kingdoms and states absorbed the indigenous and original dwellers of the Middle East colonized countries.  The Warring Nations established Syria (Name derived from Assyria); Iraq (from Uruk - South of Mesopotamia); and 'Arab Palestine', (segmented from the Biblical Land of Israel Proper).


Modern Turkey, was supposed to have been reduced to its initial size of the 1300 AD.  Its original landmass was not much larger than the present State of Kuwait. It ended up being the winner, by retaining extensive territories at the expense of the non-Moslem colonized states.


The Assyrians were denied the right to their native land.  They were deported with humiliation and left to fend on their own, without food, shelter or protection.  They were left in a hostile environment, at the mercy of their traditional enemies.


The Assyrian tragedy of the early 20th century, perpetrated by the warring nations of Islam and so-called "Christian" Europe, was no more than a sinister ploy to eradicate the non-Moslem colonized states in the Middle East.    Their objective was to destroy Israel and its Judaic religion, wipe Assyria off the map, destroy the Assyrian Church of the East, and derogate its surviving people to a diminishing minority.  As for the Christian Lebanese, Syrians and Copts, they already had been categorised as Arab by adopting the Arabic language in their liturgy, custom and apparel.


Now it is the turn of the Kurds, who have swarmed the Middle East, the Near East (Turkey), Syria and several other neighbouring countries. Alternatively, it is too late to rein in 30 to 40 million roving Kurds, some of whom are well trained and heavily armed. The world had let loose the Kurds, while the Turks and Arabs were busy enjoying the loot, celebrating their triumph over the "infidel" (Kafir) Christian.  Similarly, Europe was busy, heavily engaged in rebuilding its ruined economy and replenishing its empty coffers, because of the prolonged war.  In addition, more concernedly was the growing danger from communism, causing political instability and threat to world democracy.


Now matters have come to a head. It is over. The honeymoon of the Turks and Arabs has now ended.  Woe to the looter, be it Turk, Arab or Kurd.  Everything has its price.  If we have to observe the old saying: "What goes up, comes down", then it is obvious that someone has to pay for the mess caused by the culprits.


People's rights cannot be denied forever.  There comes a time when the circle makes its full round turn and closes on those who had been acting as god and be brought to justice, whether in person or their succeeding governments.


Many aggrieved nations have been living under constant suppression and denial of their basic human rights. It has become habitual for oppressive governments to look at world's dire condition, violence and unhappy events as normal.  Humans are behaving like brute animals.  They are losing their noble attributes, turning into savage, cruel and merciless species. I have seen animals that have more feelings for their kind than humans towards their own species do.


Deception, manipulation and bigotry seem to have taken hold of human behaviour, replacing the old noble attributes of honesty and good manners. How could a democratic country as Belgium, with its famous capital city Brussels, accept to put its name on an evil political borderline and name it - The Brussels Borderline.  During ejection from their native land, the Assyrians were treated worse than cattle.  It must have been a miracle, more than human effort, to survive their ordeal. Their loss in human life was very high. Their material losses were in toto! They were left in a miserable state, with nothing except the clothes on their backs.


The Allies ridiculed democracy and made a mockery of it.  They decimated a nation that had lived on its soil, in present-day northern Iraq and neighbouring states of Iran, Turkey and Syria, for over six millennia - since the dawn of history.  Yet, Europe still brags of its exemplary leadership of democracy.  "Amazing Grace How Great Thou Art" for holding Your wrath against such injustices.


Assyrians often thought that Europe, mainly France and England, were the birthplace and upbringing of democracy, and the West as its hub.  I had always been of the opinion that Europe would reconsider and reach out for the aggrieved natives of the Middle East, in general, and the Assyrians, in particular.  My trust in the European justice has now diminished and so has my faith in their philanthropy.  I have lost complete faith in European leadership, beginning with the Vatican Papacy in Rome to the last scoundrel leader of the European borders of Russia.


When it comes to the Assyrian issue, they duck, bury their heads in the sand, pretending not to hear or see, about the atrocities committed against the non-Moslem nations of the Middle East.


They are still feigning ignorance of the crimes committed against humanity, in particular against the Assyrian Nation, then a Turkish Province under the Ottoman Rule. Uprooting a whole nation from their native land of the Hakkari and Urmia regions of Assyria is an ugly crime that will remain an indelible black mark on the forehead of Europe for bringing such a tragedy on the Assyrians.


It seems that Cain is still on the loose, running away from himself after he committed the crime of killing his brother.  In the case of Cain, it was of jealousy.   In the case of the Warring Nations, it was purely greed.


Let us hope that the international community will reconsider the dire plight of the Assyrians and come to their rescue. Otherwise, the whole Middle East will turn into an inferno should conditions not improve, and very soon, and remain on this scale of madness.


Europe and Islam seem to be gripped with Assyrio-phobia.  They have been so cruel in their treatment of the Assyrians that they shy away, and like the ostrich bury their heads in the sand.  It is time they stood up and faced the reality of the situation, accepting responsibilities, and acting as responsible leaders.


Solution to the Assyrian problem is simple and straightforward.  To resolve the outstanding problem, the United Nations Organization, needs to recognize the Assyrian national identity as the only historical name of the builders, owners and survivors of the capital city Ninveh of the land of Assyria.


To distort history and play god to satisfy their ego is manifesting itself in several parts of the Globe.  North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East and in certain newly emerging states in Europe and South America are nearing the passing point-of-no-return to open confrontation. Some of these belligerent states are already showing symptoms of hostility, by displaying their arsenal in a show of defiance.


All Assyrians of the Middle East are historically Mesopotamian.  Invaders and occupiers have turned the Middle East, in particular Assyria, to a cross road to consolidate their strategic position and hold.   Such intruders come to destroy rather than build. They are parasites and spongers. Since their early occupation of the Middle East in the early past century, and earlier times, they have not contributed anything noteworthy to the Middle East civilization to be worthy of praise.


Their intention was and still is to destroy Assyria rather than restore it.  Labelling Assyria with obnoxious foreign names such as "Kurdistan" or so-called "Chaldea" with its capital Hawlair or (Baghdeide) Qaraqosh is an insult to human dignity and world historians.


Assyrians, in their various capacities, have the right to negotiate with any of their adversaries to reach a resolution to the satisfaction of their outstanding issue.  Other segments are more than welcome to engage in negotiations and do likewise, on the principle and understanding that, being part of the Assyrian populace, their negotiations should be in consultation and agreement with the Assyrian objective.  Assyria being the primal name should remain as the pre-eminent and at the paramount of all other derivatives, regardless of their place of residence and locale.


Assyria with its capital name Ninveh shall stand and remain so.  For thus it has been written and mentioned by its Heavenly Creator in the Holy Books of our Judeo-Christian faith.  Our Assyrian name is our salvation.  Assyria is the crown of those who cherish the national name of Assyria.


All other segments of the Assyrian compound name are welcome to accept Assyria as the name of their fatherland.  In other words, the stump remains; branches do not.  Identifying one's self with the fatherland guarantees continuance of his/her survival and existence.


Heed the Mongol Turks; they are everywhere, and no one can sway or stray them from their Mongol base root.


Assyrians, return to your root, cluster together and unite under the coalition of the Assyrian leadership.  It is the way to salvation and triumph.  The Kurds have done it. The Mongol Turks have also done it. Could the Assyrians do it, unite and live under one name too?






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